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“Working in a Real Estate Agency, What Do I Need to Know?”

Detect Where Your Sector Is Going and Get First.

Working in a real estate is not a breeze. A real estate agency is not just going to make money; it is going to be served. It is going to help to buy, to be able to sell and it is going to give love first to receive love later.

Do you still want to work in a real estate agency ? Perfect. The Tajarat properties, which knows a lot about real estate and those who hesitate to visit their websites: they have written this article to inform those agents what it is to work in a real estate without leaving your skin.

It gives you tools to make your work more efficient and that at break time you can have your coffee relaxed or relaxed knowing that automation is the best thing that has been invented after bread.

Let’s see what has to tell us, which is quite interesting. Take note. By the way. Do not stop visiting your blog. It has no waste.

What is it like to work in a real estate?

A real estate agency can ensure your success by using different tools and applications that allow you to cover and execute all your work more productively. Today, working in a real estate is to automate part of the processes.

Currently, real estate companies are mainly focused on the use of CRM. But these programs are just the foundations of what they should use. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It goes on to say that its use is for managing clients in an organized way.

Yes, a large part of his work (but not all!) Is the relationship with people.

A real estate agency works in much more than in the management and client relationship.

They have internal processes that they then transmit in their workflow with buyer and seller clients. For this you need to rely on an application store that helps them cover all their work.

Let’s break it down:

How to work in a Real Estate. The Internal Work.

Internally, the real estate company works on different aspects that it will later want to justify to its client.


Branding consists of defining who the real estate company is. Defining “who you are” implies designing an entire corporate and homogeneous image throughout the real estate. From the style and tone with which you communicate to customers, to the colors of the email template.

“Imagine that you don’t put the name of the real estate company or the logo. Would your clients know who you are? If they recognize you, you will have worked very well on your branding. If not … you still have something to work on! ”

For this, it offers real estate agencies an application to create web pages in a simple way, from the domain and email accounts to the design, corporate colors, texts, images, sections, blog and much more.


The real estate is organized by roles. Usually the following are found:

Manager: It is the person who has access to all the information and controls everything that happens in the real estate.

Seller: Responsible for managing visits, customers and selling the property.

Capturer: Sometimes in real estate there is the role of captor. It is only dedicated to attracting owners.

Coordinator: She is the one who links the different teams. It has numerous functions among them are:

  • Publication in portals
  • Document management
  • Customer Support
  • Organization and assignment of clients

What are the requirements to work as a real estate consultant? The main one is teamwork. In an agency it is important to create the feeling of a team so as not to have lone wolves that end up acting on their own.

For this you can use applications such as the team chat that you will find on it through which all team members can be connected and share news, announcements, articles….

To increase the productivity of the team, different techniques are used, such as setting goals for the different teams / members. With the objectives you will create healthy competition and you will create the spirit of self-improvement and personal achievement. For this you can use the Objectives application that will help you establish them for the whole team.


It is an increasingly common role in real estate agencies. The marketing objective is to design communication campaigns to convey what the real estate is like . One of the main options to give visibility and automate communication with clients is the use of email marketing campaigns.

  • Conversations with clients
  • One-off email campaigns
  • Drip campaigns on customer segments

With this you will be able to send personalized and segmented emails according to where the customer is in the purchase-sale flow. You can also see the results of each email. This way you will know if your campaigns are working or not.

You already know what is said: What is not measured cannot grow. If you are looking for a job in real estate without experience, working in this department is ideal if you enter as an intern.


Collaboration between real estate agents is the order of the day. Increasing the number of operations ensures greater stability in your business and allows you to expand your network of contacts. Through this, nearly 2,000 real estate agencies actively collaborate through our free Collaboration Circles App.

“About 25,000 properties and more than 300 collaboration circles that are active daily. Being a real estate agent is profitable, much more profitable when you collaborate ”.


Other applications that you can find in it such as Quaderno help the real estate to manage invoices, receipts, budgets…. How working in a real estate agency involves paying attention to billing.


Real estate companies work with a lot of information about real estate, buyers, sellers, references, documents … Leaning on a CRM not only provides them with a tool to manage their information but also helps them to manage the information quickly and easily.


The real estate needs to create contract templates, visit reports, message and email templates to make communication with its clients more agile. In this case, the CRM also helps them manage all the templates with the addition that many of the documents can be signed by electronic signature.

This job in management assistance is something you need to work in a real estate agency.

Work in a Real Estate. The Outside Work.

In parallel, there are the needs of the client. Now is when real estate companies demonstrate how they work to attract and sell more.

First, let’s see what is the most common workflow that a real estate company follows:

Capture a property (They may or may not reform it or do home staging).

  • Publish it on real estate portals.
  • Share it by whatsapp and by mail.
  • Make the showcase poster.
  • Publish it on the web.
  • Receive demands.
  • Organize visits (through individual activities or open house)
  • Negotiate a price with the buyer
  • Sign the deposit contract
  • Notary.

Now we are going to analyze what the job of a real estate agent consists of, explaining what tools real estate agents can use to automate part of their sales flow and save time to focus on attracting and selling more.

What tools does the real estate agency need to make its sales flow more successful?

Working in a real estate agency on the outside means capturing properties and displaying properties. Although there are traditional recruitment methods, among which are mailboxes, cold calls, cold doors, competitor analysis , etc.

Through its network of partners, makes available a powerful tool called Domibus, which facilitates market research by offering lists of owners who are marketing their property. In this way you will be able to attract owners automatically.

A recruitment does not close overnight, therefore it is essential to use a conversion funnel : defining a series of stages and “pushing” the agency’s potential selling clients along a funnel. An easy way to organize your work and have all your prospecting work at a glance. This tool is included in our CRM App.

Publishing on portals can become a tedious job, if we want to publish on several portals, maintaining a high quality standard and all the information as up-to-date as possible.

At the same time, the time to market or time it takes to publish a property on the internet is crucial to be the first to attract the attention of potential buyers.

“Working in a real estate agency is made easier by using the Basic Portals and Premium Portals Apps, you ensure success by publishing in more than 30 high quality portals.”

With the confidence that the contacts generated in these portals will be automatically registered in your CRM thanks to our Inbox App. It saves you all the requests that come from the portals and leaves them ready with all the necessary information so that you can immediately contact him and start making visits.

To maximize the quality of the photos and protect you from anyone using your work in photo reports without your consent, it offers you a Photo Enhancement App.

With it, you can massively apply enhancement effects (contrast, color saturation, lighting …) and also apply your watermark (your real estate logo, for example). All this with a single click.

What else can you automate in your real estate?

Staying in active contact with your client portfolio can require a huge amount of time, especially when you want to handle many clients simultaneously. It provides you with two different tools for this:

Owners Area App; A perfect way for the property owners you are working with to stay updated in real time on the actions you take, visits, offers and counter offers… With this application you will show transparency and professionalism by showing what you do with them.

Active Portfolio App: Over time, your real estate agency accumulates a growing list of buyers or people interested in renting a property. Imagine that you could periodically refresh this list, discarding those potential clients who for one reason or another are no longer actively searching.

Thanks to this, you will be able to focus more on the clients that really need you since this application contacts your inactive clients by mail and asks them if they are still looking for a house or not.

Work in a Real Estate. Reaching your audience.

It is important to know this for a job interview for a real estate agent. Once the real estate agent has captured the property, they need to give it visibility through different communication channels. The portals mentioned above is one way but there are also other ways to give you more visibility.

On the one hand we have email marketing.

“Email marketing is one of the most important techniques in marketing and one of the most effective along with SMS campaigns.”

Email marketing campaigns are usually used in two ways:

  • To sell real estate: A new property has been captured and they want to send it to all possible potential interested clients.
  • To sell real estate services : in these emails, a direct sale is not made by directly sharing the property. Valuable content that helps resolve a customer problem or concern is shared. Such as articles they have written on the blog, their best posts on social networks, stories that have happened to them, the good ratings they leave them….

Value content is another way to give visibility to your properties and services.

Another way that is increasingly in use is sharing the property through WhatsApp.

With the CRM application, you can write directly to the client by WhatsApp without having to add it to your mobile phone book directly.

This form is very comfortable because in the CRM you already have all the contact information and interests at a glance.

And finally, another way to give visibility to the properties is through the real estate website.

As you can see, the work of a real estate agency goes far beyond establishing relationships with its clients. Although it is an important part of their work, they need a marketplace or application store that helps them to be able to cover all the work they have to do with their clients.

“At blue world city Islamabad you can find the best applications and tools for the real estate sector.”

What do you think about this article? Do you think that with this working in a real estate agency is more productive. We would appreciate if you could give us your opinion by leaving a comment.


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