“Tricks for Advertising Posters in the Real Estate Sector”

Advertising posters. Rule No. 1. Informative.

Once it has been achieved that a person, (of your target audience, of course), stops to look at your advertising poster and has decided to read what it says, (this is important because most will look at it, but few will read it), you have to make it clear where or when to go or how to contact.

Sometimes, how to contact is not necessary to include it, because if this outdoor advertising is good, whoever sees it and is interested, will know how to find you.

Centering the poster on the benefit provided by the real estate product of Tajarat properties or service that we advertise is a resource that works, as your potential clients are looking for something that makes it easier for them to sell or invest in a property.

It is necessary to find that advantage and exploit it visually and attractively. And if you must put the contact telephone number that is only one and easy to remember. Better to hire this switchboard service to divert calls to your office.

A creative billboard is essential; but you need to contribute in your text and / or images with only 1 clear benefit. This is giving quality information.

Advertising posters. Rule No.2. Ordering of the Elements.

Generally, the creative idea already gives you the ordering of the elements in an advertising poster, however, what prevails in this distribution is the white space.

The composition and structure of the poster are different from everything. The organization and especially the amount of information it carries will be key to its effectiveness. Behold, some billboards allow the option of 3D elements or elements that protrude the size of the billboard.

“Once the visual claim has been decided, you must place the rest of the elements in an orderly and clear way. Let it not be difficult to know what is being advertised”.

This seems clear, but sometimes it is forgotten that we read from left to right and from top to bottom and that in the case of a billboard we see it from afar and in motion. First we see it, then we scan it, and then we read it.

I can assure you that the ordering of the elements in outdoor advertising is almost impossible to achieve with a lot of text.

Advertising posters. Rule No. 3. Visibility.

Finally we have the choice of the location or locations where greater visibility is achieved. For small posters, the location is not so problematic, since the format can be adapted to horizontal, vertical and various sizes.

But with large-format billboards the location depends on the availability of the billboard . Sometimes requesting a permit to choose a fence, even temporarily, that beautifies the landscape is the best option.

Why not on the wall of a non-habitable building? Why not use an unbuilt land that can even beautify it? Why not a wall that delimits a field?

Visibility has its limitations in terms of location and traffic at that location; so it is an element of the billboards that do not depend on you. The best locations are in high demand and must be hired in advance and sometimes for long periods of time.

On the other hand, there is the option of adapting the advertising posters to the online medium. Moreover, it is convincing to use it especially in Google, Facebook and Instagram campaigns. You will be promoting a work of art that should not only have offline coverage.

The advantage of adapting these large advertising posters to online media is that you can make them reach precisely the audience that interests you through segmentation .

Advertising posters. Other Alternative Formats.

Although the large format outdoor billboard is the advertising poster par excellence, the one that produces the greatest impact when it follows the 7 rules above, there are other formats that allow you to offer a really pleasant , impressive and profitable user experience .

Perhaps the most profitable for its versatility , easy location and great visibility are the advertising posters on canopies located anywhere, especially at bus stops, trains or any public transport.

For example, Bus Advertising takes advantage of waiting time to get your message across to your audience, while also connecting with road users.

It is also an affordable medium to many real estate agencies including blue world city Islamabad and has a wonderfully broad scope, really digging into specific geographic areas that can be systematically targeted by bus routes. For example, a Los Angeles real estate agency generates more qualified leads through its campaigns on city buses than through Facebook and at a lower amount.

With the rise of viral videos and social media, some may think that printed creative posters have lost steam; however, this is not the case.

The billboards printed remain one of the most powerful tools when expanding a message. In addition, as I have indicated previously, these posters can be easily adapted to the online medium with which the reach is greater.

Here I include an outdoor advertisement that is not exactly an advertising poster, but that shows how far creativity can go in outdoor advertising. Not everything is the Internet.

It is an example of the most original and creative Street Marketing. The SNCF company surprises everyone with an extraordinary campaign on the street.

What will be on the other side of the door? It will surely surprise you! A type of outdoor advertising that I liked a lot and I want to share it with you.

The Advertising Poster for “For Sale” or “For Rent”.

This type of billboard that realtors and agents hang on the balcony or in a place that is visible to passersby is undervalued . Its design is not careful and it certainly does not follow the advertising rules.

It is sad to see that in many posters of this type, more importance is given to the logo of the agency or franchise than to the content of the rest of the poster. It is assumed that the real estate agent with this poster seeks to be called by as many people as possible and then filter them by phone.

It is proven that the best “For Sale” or “For Rent” billboard follows certain characteristics that are:

1.- The size . Its size should be the maximum possible, which depends on the place where it is going to be placed. We could say that a poster 1 meter long by half a meter high is the standard format. Anything below these dimensions will attract only a few people.

2.- With a white background . The white background is the best background for a poster of any type and as a poster does not arrive design, this background is the best.

3.- Simple text. The best text is “For Sale” in red and below the contact telephone number in black. Both are as large as possible, the “For Sale” text being 25% larger than the telephone number.

4.- Do not add anything else . No logos, no real estate agency name and no additional information.

This is THE BEST advertising poster. From here you can extract all the variants you want and be as creative as you want. But this simple poster is proven to be the best. The one that attracts the most. Try it and you will see.

And since we are talking about this type of posters, I am including a video that you will like. Especially to those who believe that when it comes to advertising real estate posters, everything is made up. Technology will never cease to amaze us.

This is the advertisement for renting a space made by a real estate agency in Quebec, Canada. Without a doubt, it is one of those that attracts attention . I do not know how long it took to rent the premises, but it was certainly very little.

It is undoubtedly a new and dynamic way to attract more potential stakeholders. It is the same old poster that “chases” pedestrians during their passage through the façade of the premises. To do this, they used cameras that filmed passersby and software that always placed the poster at the height of passersby.

Really Effective Advertising Signs. Resume.

You see, billboards or billboards offer opportunities to reach your target audience that the Internet cannot give you. If you can get your poster to be classified as an advertising work of art, it will surely bring you many contacts of potential clients.

Remember that knowing your target audience is important. To get an impressive advertising poster about your real estate business, you must adapt it to your audience, define your audience perfectly and design a poster based on their tastes and needs.

The billboards are one of the easiest ways and striking convey a message and connect with our target audience. The idea is to present our product or service in a clear and concise way so that those who see it will remember it later and our message is convincing.

For this reason, the design of advertising posters should convey only the most important information, without overwhelming your potential client. All those advertising posters for a real estate business that follow the 7 previous rules will bring qualified clients and at the same time, they will make the city and the spaces in which we move more pleasant and beautiful places.

“Remember, a billboard or billboard should contain a message that is short, memorable, and powerful.”

We would appreciate if you could give us your opinion on this article. Do you think that advertising posters can be easily adapted to online formats? Your opinion interests us. Thanks.


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