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“Tired of Real Estate Portals? Read this

The real estate portals are going to suffer and really suffer. Tajarat properties has just arrived in the real estate sector! An international company would be that offers you a Real Estate Inbound Marketing platform that is precisely what real estate agencies need to increase their sales and work professionally.

In reality, the ones who are going to benefit the most from the agency are going to be independent real estate agents.

It provides you, at an incredibly low price, a whole real estate sales funnel so that you can attract qualified clients easily, at low cost and in a professional way. Their website is priceless and highly informative.

I recommend that you visit their website: and spend some time reviewing all of their content. It offers you: landing pages, banners, pop-ups, sending emails for free … more is impossible and the price, well, here I think they have set a fairly low price for the service they offer. I would have charged double. So take advantage.

On the other hand, they have a resource area that is great and their blog is worth more than many online courses on Inbound Marketing . Let the web tremble to find housing !

What’s more, I recommend that you contact the team for detailed information on how they will help you based on your type of real estate business.

As a real estate agent YOU NEED an agency. An inbound marketing service that has no competition in the Hispanic world. Trust me, you need the service like water in the desert. The gateways with real estate portals are going to have it quite difficult to keep many of their current clients.

Real estate agents and agencies that are already using this service, (finally!), Are getting many more requests for information than with real estate portals and at a lower cost. It has real estate agents and agencies that are its clients in 14 Hispanic countries.

I am recommending this to my students, because it is the best I have seen in online real estate marketing. I have never found a platform in Spanish that understands the Hispanic real estate market , as they dominates it.

I’m sure I’m not wrong when I tell you that sooner or later you are going to have to use this for your real estate business. As long as you don’t, you will be leaving money on the table, giving your money away to real estate portals and earning the same year after year.

I will give the floor to Alex García , head of the Real Estate department, to tell you in detail about Real Estate.

Forget about the Real Estate Portals .

Are you tired of abusive real estate portals ? Would you like to attract many more selling clients and buyer clients? Would you like the cost of the deposits to be much lower ? Do you need to implement a work method and a strategy that does give you results in your day-to-day life?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are in the right article. And if not also, because you need to know what theycan do for your real estate business.

Undoubtedly, the current problem for a real estate agency lies in the great monopoly that real estate platforms or portals such blue world city islamabad etc., have in terms of properties and clients looking for those properties.

As you well know, the problem with the payment of high fees in these real estate platforms is quite common, in addition to not having really effective marketing and sales tools , which do not allow us to fully follow up with clients, completely not knowing what they search, how they move on the internet and what they are really interested in.

You will know as well as I do, that these platforms to find a home do not allow you to have full control of the data that you are also paying in excess of. Therefore, they are the true owners of the data of your clients and your properties.

If it brings them to you. Knowing all this gives us a fairly large competitive advantage with which to create a sales pitch tailored to each client and ensure the success of the sale. is designed to eradicate that very thing and allow each realtor to have full control of their client data. For example, the leads you capture in Facebook or Google campaigns are yours and yours alone. The information you handle is 100% of your property, not to mention the cost of capturing which is much cheaper.

The Real Estate Agents Can not compete

As I have mentioned before, the recruitment of owners and clients interested in buying a home are infinitely cheaper, if we do them through advertising campaigns with conversion funnels, than if we did it from any real estate portal.

To give you an idea, comparing the results of any campaign in a real estate office in Spain, the following could be observed:

Inbound Real Estate Marketing

Forget about the Real Estate Portals. We have a Better Tool.

We have developed a tool designed to attract clients and also properties that are highly effective and at low cost.

Surely, I don’t have to tell you that you want to attract more clients and recruitments and therefore obtain better results for your real estate agency.

“It is an inbound marketing platform that brings together all the tools of digital marketing, commercial, results analysis and social networks. With them you will be able to design authentic processes for capturing prospects both sellers and lessors, even buyers, on the same platform, mature them through relevant content for them and finally close operations with a fairly high success rate ”.

NOTE from Carlos : Remember, Real Estate Inbound Marketing kicks real estate portals a hundred times.

At we have one of the most powerful email marketing tools on the market, which allows you to carry out your campaigns WITHOUT LIMITS on sending.

You will find a simple editor to create email marketing campaigns with impressive content in a matter of a few minutes and with the option of choosing the template that best suits the type of content.

Having at your disposal a tool to build forms and embed them in your real estate website is an excellent option. With this you can create them in a matter of minutes and publish them.

Set them up and create your own autoresponders! Once the form is created, we generate the code for you so that you can integrate it into any content manager.

You ask, how is this possible? I will explain in more detail below:

Forget about the Ranking of Real Estate Portals.

“With this all your digital marketing is done by you, based on your own needs and ability to respond to your potential customers.” has a marketing module that allows you to carry out all the digital marketing processes of your real estate agency and put them on automatic in order to attract more clients and more properties.

For example, it has a tool to carry out campaigns and complete Email Marketing templates , using the databases of clients you already have or clients that you capture as you advance in your recruitment campaigns.

It has a tool that allows you to create unique web pages for each home with forms, with which you can offer FREE and appropriate content based on the tastes and preferences of users in exchange for their contact information. You already have the perfect excuse to get information and be able to start monitoring.

NOTE from Carlos: This does not provide you with the real estate portals, no matter how many promises they make you and they sell you the story that their pages have thousands of visits a day.

You can put these processes to work automatically with our tool and thus make the captures are generated by themselves , without having to spend all day working for it, so you can dedicate yourself to other important things, not worrying that there is a system capturing for you.

In addition, it allows you to know at all times if a user is interested or not and therefore is suitable for a commercial approach, thanks to a scoring system called Lead Scoring. This will be in charge of assigning points to users based on their movements and interests.

And many more tools that complete your recruitment system, adjusted to the needs of your real estate agency.


The rates of real estate websites not can compete with Clientify.

One of the best features of this agency is that you can carry out all your commercial actions with the same tool.

It is a powerful CRM with which you will have organized all the recruitments you make, which will allow you to carry out follow-ups in a much more effective way and according to your needs.

NOTE from Carlos: This CRM will save you from paying for others that are not as developed as they must be. Those CRMs that also allow you to easily publish on many real estate portals are a fiasco. My students know it well.

Our goal is that you have all the commercial work of your real estate agency on the same platform and that you do not forget anything. You will be able to create the necessary fields and thus be able to define your own recruitment process.

Thanks to our “drag and drop” system you will be able to manage your sales solicitations in a simple and practical way.

In addition, you can create properties within the same platform and manage it in a very comfortable way . But that’s not all, it also allows you to create tasks for your commercial team, having all the activities scheduled as well as possible.

All this under the same platform makes a fantastic and very practical tool to get you to attract, mature and close clients, having everything in one place.

Are you looking for a Guide to Real Estate Portals? You don’t need it.

Blue world city islamabad also has a results analysis tool to know at all times what is happening with the entire digital sales process.

To do this, it incorporates a powerful dashboard with which you can control the status of your commercial actions and those of your sellers . All this information will help you make informed decisions.

And of course, schedule all your publications on social networks with our application. We know that you must make your time more profitable than your time; That is why we have a tool with which you can schedule all your social publications and forget about everything.

In short, the problem that each real estate business has with the real estate portals that generate the most clients is very similar. The fees are quite high and the real estate platforms that provide this service do not provide a service that is really worth it.

The internet market is currently on the rise and every day there are more buyers, sellers and landlords of homes that move in it. For this reason, it is so important to take full advantage of a present and future market with Inbound Real Estate Marketing . gives you the same, all the tools available to attract ideal clients , in addition to giving you all the support and proposing the entire implementation strategy that will allow you to meet your objectives and grow your business.

Is a important competitive advantage that you can count on when creating a sales pitch tailored to each client, ensuring the success of your sales

We consider that the most important thing is the total control of all the information that your potential clients leave and allows you to be the real owner of your information.


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