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“The Real Estate Marketing Funnel” The Naked Truth

The Success of the Marketing Funnel is in the Wizard, not the Wand.

The real estate marketing funnel is the acquisition and sales strategy you need to make your business grow like foam.

That of uploading properties to a real estate portal and waiting for them to contact you is the way of working of conformists , inexperienced, intermediaries or those who do not dominate online real estate marketing.

Today, to have a profitable and scalable real estate business, you have to know how to apply real estate inbound marketing by creating real estate sales funnels both to capture properties and to attract clients.

There are few agents, agencies and promoters that are currently applying one or more real estate funnels, however, curiosity about this topic is increasing, because the results they are getting sometimes seem incredible. Fourteen homes sold in 1 month, automating a customer acquisition process!

Who can resist not knowing how to achieve such a result? To explain it, I have asked Jorge Hernández, who knows Latin about the real estate marketing funnel , tell us how the new Inbound model should be applied: the real estate sales funnel .

Pay attention to him, because Jorge has made many developers in countries earn thousands of dollars , causing them to invest only “a handful of dollars” in a real estate marketing funnel.

Hello, I am Jorge Hernández, I am excited to be able to share this article with you thanks to Carlos Pérez, thank you very much partner. Dear reader, I am sure that what I am going to share in this article will be revealing for your real estate business and will change the way you see the sector.

Let’s go there, I hope you enjoy it!

Buying houses online ?, explain Jorge …

There are already many cases that have occurred in recent years, I mean buying a house at the click of a button, without visiting it , and in many cases, without being built. Only a landing, a virtual tour and a form were necessary to make the reservation by plane.

I still remember my conversation with a well-known real estate builder in the Vega Baja area of ​​Alicante … “Jorge, I’m sorry but houses are not bought online” , those were the exact words that I remember the builder told me with a condescending tone .

But after 5 years, I can say categorically that today 95% of homes are bought online, directly or indirectly. All thanks to the real estate Funnel.

Not so long ago, when we wanted to buy a home, we approached the closest real estate agency from home and spoke with an agent who advised us and helped us in our buying process.

It is possible that if our profile was an advanced buyer or investor, we would visit a fair in the sector or buy specialized press.

The Real Estate Marketing Funnel. Buying a House Online.

In an ideal world of the digital age, the entire journey of a potential customer who wants to buy a new home is usually something like this:

Your website receives a visit from a prospect who is interested in your product and decides to take the step of contacting you through a contact form to find out more about that property.

You immediately receive that contact and you or your telemarketing team will call you in less than 10 minutes to provide you with all the necessary information and turn it into a new business opportunity.

In the following weeks, you set several visits to the properties of interest and in a little over a month you have the sale closed, voilà !.

I know what you’re going to tell me, things don’t usually go so smoothly.

The vast majority of the time, it will cost you much more time and effort.

You will need to earn the prospect’s trust and mature your relationship with them before turning that opportunity into a sale. You should know that times have changed, the home buyer is increasingly digital and their needs are different.

Nowadays it is key to know well your client and his journey as a buyer if you want to be successful with your real estate business like Tajarat properties, whether you are a construction company, a developer or a real estate agency. This is where the real estate marketing funnel comes in.

Shopping begins on the Internet.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), that is, the association of real estate agents of North America with 1.3 million members today, the first thing someone interested in buying a home does is start doing searches on the Internet .

If we talk about Millennials we can reach 95% and if we talk about older people the figure drops to 80%. In the case of Europe, the figures are very similar and continue to grow year after year.

This does not mean that the profile of the real estate agent is in decline because of the Internet, on the contrary, their work accompanying the potential client on their buying journey is decisive and increasingly necessary.

But it is important to be aware that times have changed and that the way the home buyer behaved a few years ago is very different than it does today. For this reason, the new Inbound model of the real estate sales funnel was born long ago .

The buyer today has more information at his disposal than ever before, he can compare hundreds of homes on all kinds of portals and find out anything about a real estate business at the click of a button. That is why it is very important that when the potential buyer meets your business, they get a good first impression.

This is where the Inbound methodology becomes the basis of any business, since it generates online opportunities and not only improves the perception that the client has of the business, but it can make you a benchmark in the sector.

The Real Estate Marketing Funnel. It all starts with Inbound Marketing.

Through a Real Estate Inbound Marketing strategy , the system accompanies the potential client throughout their purchase process, during this accompaniment it is important to educate the client and help him make the necessary decisions so that, finally, it is the client himself who chooses the moment of making the purchase.

Buying a home online is already a reality in 2020.

The cornerstone of this methodology continues to be the business blog whose function is to attract strangers, or in marketing jargon, to capture traffic interested in the product and convert visits into leads. In addition, the content will help position the business as an expert in the sector and build trust with the potential buyer.

Instead of the blog, I like to talk about the marketing of audiovisual content that the business has, be it videos, articles or podcasts.

The objective with this strategy is to create a relationship of trust between the company and the potential buyer, positioning the business as a benchmark in the sector for a specific target audience.

But … how will those first leads or prospects get to your website? ¿ What is the real estate sales funnel ?

Real Estate Marketing Funnel.

Thanks to the marketing funnel we will generate those first contacts interested in your homes. Any business needs a constant stream of prospects interested in its products or services.

Regardless of whether you sell houses, have an online store or offer consulting services, leads are the fuel for your business , for this reason a chapter could not be missing in this book that will tell you in detail how to capture those leads or customers potentials for your real estate business .

But first, let’s see how the current panorama of the online world is. In the online world, we can say that Facebook and Google have 80% of paid advertising worldwide. On the other hand, Amazon is growing at an exponential rate to such an extent that online stores that are not on Amazon are beginning to have problems selling their products.

“The real problem is that there are more and more businesses online and, therefore, the demand for traffic is increasing.”

The consequence of this situation is that advertising on the internet is increasingly expensive and if we want our business to have visibility we have to invest in paid advertising on these two platforms. This problem is solved by real estate sales funnels, making your promotional investment more profitable.

The current situation of the digital market.

Since 2016, the costs of advertising on Facebook have increased by 30% and in the coming years the costs will continue to rise for both platforms. In fact, I dare to say that whoever does not position himself on the internet in the coming years with his business, will be forced to invest large sums of money to achieve some visibility and generate business opportunities on the internet.

To give an example, if currently we can generate leads interested in our products at a cost of 5 euros through campaigns on Facebook or Google, in the coming years we will reach a cost of 50 and 100 euros per lead , and as you will understand, it is a investment that few businesses will be able to afford.

In fact, I’ll give you another piece of information, in 2019 the cost of online advertising has exceeded the cost of traditional advertising such as the press, television or radio. With the real estate marketing funnel you can reduce these costs.

On the Internet there are two types of traffic, controlled traffic and uncontrolled traffic. Controlled traffic is the visits generated through paid advertising campaigns, while uncontrolled traffic is the visits that reach our business website thanks to search engine positioning or visits received from other websites.

Although uncontrolled traffic does not have a direct economic cost, it does require an investment of time and work, such as writing content for the blog, generating videos for YouTube or posting content on social networks.

The Real Estate Marketing Funnel. The Business Objective.

The objective of any business is to convert these two types of traffic into registered contacts, that is, to have a mailing list or a database with all those registered contacts. The traffic that we can generate to our business through this database is what we call our own traffic and that in some way is under our control.

As you can see, when generating traffic to the website of our business we are limited by advertising costs, on the other hand, the quality of the conversion of that traffic to registered contact is our responsibility and that of our conversion system, in fact, It is where we can have the greatest margin for growth with our business.

“Conversion can be defined as the ability of our business to convert controlled and uncontrolled traffic into its own traffic. At the moment that I have my own traffic, there are many alternatives to generate business and sales opportunities from this. ”

The real estate marketing funnel will have two clear objectives, the first objective will be to attract the largest number of buyers interested in your housing development and the second objective will be to educate the prospect so that they know and understand your value proposition.

A marketing funnel or real estate sales funnel can be defined as a system composed of a set of elements, which aims to create a user experience, from which they will end up taking a specific action desired , and also, in the form automated as possible.

The new Real Estate paradigm.

The way a home is purchased today and how we find purchase and investment opportunities has changed radically.

Traditional sales channels are working worse and worse and this is forcing real estate businesses to seek new recruitment alternatives . Home listing portals or traditional advertising media no longer work the way they used to.

We are experiencing a great opportunity in the real estate sector of nova city housing project thanks to technology, but these opportunities are not in the sight of the professional in the traditional sector.

Only entrepreneurs with the greatest capacity to adopt new technologies in their business will take advantage of this great new opportunity.

I present to you « Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Era ». This book is for the visionary real estate entrepreneur. If you think there is something more out there besides home listing portals and traditional real estate MLS this book is for you.

Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Era.

If you feel that Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing have brutal potential for your real estate business, in this book you will find the keys to creating a winning strategy to generate more leads and close more sales. It’s called Inbound Marketing and Real Estate Vein Funnel.

But if there is something that worries me more than generating leads, it is the fact of closing sales with those generated contacts.


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