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“Real Estate Social Responsibility” How a Dog Helped Sell 4 Properties in 2 Months.

Your Competitive Advantage May Very Well Be the Social Good.

What a dog helped sell real estate? You’re kidding? No, I’m not kidding, or exaggerating, or misrepresenting the facts. Using real estate social responsibility together with the cause of abandoned dogs, this real estate agency sold 4 properties in just 2 months and currently almost 30% of its clients who buy or leave their property for sale come from this campaign they did ago months oriented to dog lovers.

Read on and I’ll tell you the story.

But first, let’s clarify some concepts and let me briefly explain what real estate social responsibility is ; which is actually CSR applied to this sector .

Make no mistake, real estate social responsibility creates stronger and lasting relationships with clients. Getting involved in social projects, being perceived as a person or company that helps others, sells . Sell ​​a lot. Believe it or not, many potential clients prefer to work with real estate agents or agencies that prove to be socially responsible.

“The concern of society in general for the environment and social causes is increasing; that is, for corporate or corporate social responsibility (CSR) ”.

These social responsibility actions do not have to be exclusive to large agencies or franchises. With a good strategy and a good organization, an independent real estate agent or a small agency, they can make a big difference in the society in which they carry out their activity; as we will see below with a very clear example.

On the other hand, the social responsibility assumed by an agent or agency is one of the best marketing techniques to improve your personal branding.

Corporate social responsibility or corporate social responsibility (CSR), in this case real estate social responsibility , is understood to be all those actions carried out by an agent, agency or developer with the aim of positively impacting potential clients and society. around you.

Is it so important to incorporate this type of action in a real estate business? Socially responsible company.

I am convinced that being clearly involved in activities that help society has more repercussions than it seems in generating profits for the business.

1.- On the one hand, CSR helps real estate companies to offer added value to the market, something that can be very useful to attract a public that is increasingly concerned about what is happening around them.

2.- On the other hand, CSR helps to improve the image of Tajarat properties and its positioning in its area. This is possible thanks to the branding that is generated around this type of action, making the agency or agent position itself in the minds of potential clients as a closer and more reliable agency or professional.

Remember that professionals in the real estate sector do not have a good image in the market and defending a cause that concerns a large group of people will always create a notable difference from your competition.

You may not be as professional or have as much experience as some agency or agent that is your competition; but of course, you will be perceived as a more trustworthy person or business if you get involved in real estate social responsibility actions .

Corporate Social Responsibility and your Personal Branding.

You may be one of those who thinks that if you work with the business objective of increasing profits, it is impossible to work for the community. This statement could not be further from the truth; Since working on Corporate Social Responsibility does not have to mean setting aside other business objectives.

As you may well know, branding is the relevant brand experiences that help create bonds with clients, this being one of the most important intangible values ​​of a real estate business.

“It is worth mentioning that intangible values, such as brand image, are difficult to quantify, but it is a very important marketing factor, so it must be done with a view to the medium-term future.”

The truth is that real estate social responsibility will give an important boost to your personal branding, creating an image of the real estate business that is closer to society. This intangible value is extremely useful if you manage it well.

Marketing with a cause, as these actions are often called, is essential, (I think so), in your personal branding strategy . Thinking that defending a solidarity cause should not be used to promote your personal brand, because that means that your social responsibility is self-serving, that is, stupid things.

It is very easy to think like this for those who are not entrepreneurs, believing that we should help others selflessly with the money, resources and time of our business. That is not like that. It is not about taking advantage of social causes or the misfortunes of others to make money; it is about letting others know our way of thinking , our actions and our values.

We all need our acts of helping others to be known, because it is part of wanting to be accepted in a group or wanting to differentiate ourselves from certain groups. We need to make our actions known, because we need recognition and acceptance.

Publicizing our social responsibility activities through marketing actions with a cause is part of the creation and maintenance of our personal branding.

We must not only help; We have to say it from the rooftops in order to have a better image of ourselves and our business. It is one thing to be altruistic and another to be a short-sighted entrepreneur.

“In summary: I get involved in real estate social responsibility actions because it makes me feel good, I know that it is my responsibility as a human being and I also do it, because it helps me attract better clients; which has a positive effect on my profits ”.

With this type of personal branding or CSR you are leaving a solid mark on others and becoming the preferred option in a process of choosing a real estate agency or agent.

Let’s see next how a real estate agency has used real estate social responsibility in a smart and well-managed way.

Real Estate Social Responsibility. A Dog Named Charly

I know a real estate agency in Santiago de Chile that is capturing properties and clients thanks to putting into practice a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. A social enterprise that many already call the “agency of the dogs”.

It all started when the manager of this agency, an animal lover and owner of a dog named Charly, came across a statistic where it was reported that 4 out of 10 Chilean households had some type of pet and that the most popular pets were the dogs, followed by cats and then rodents, birds and fish.

Four out of every 10 households in Santiago are many households; And if only 0.5 of the households had a pet dog, there are still many households.

On the other hand, Juan, the manager of this real estate agency, had always been concerned about the number of stray dogs , many of them mistreated and / or hungry, that were found on the streets of Santiago.

Juan wondered why not do something about it? And since Juan has an entrepreneurial mindset, he also thought: why not link this help with my real estate agency and thus gain a bit of image as a social company?

How could he carry out this social project? Looking at his dog companion Charly, an idea came to his head that, personally, I think was brilliant.

In short, the idea was the following:

They created a page on their website to raise awareness among the inhabitants of Santiago, and especially people who like dogs, about the problem of abandoned dogs in the city.

Once they launched the solidarity responsibility campaign on Facebook, (investment of about $ 90 dollars in 1 month ), the “perruna” page reached more than 1,300 visits , with more than 100 contacts thanking this page or becoming more interested in the service of the real-estate agency. This resulted in several exclusive fundraisers (I remember that they got a house in the Ñuñoa area for $ 870,000 dollars) , and 4 sales in 2 months from these contacts.

Verifying the effectiveness of this social responsibility action, in the 2nd campaign the agency invested about $ 200 dollars in another campaign on Facebook aimed, this time, not only for animal lovers in Santiago, but also for lovers of domestic animals.

This campaign was also promoted on Facebook groups , and on Google Plus.

For the campaign, 2 articles were written about abandoned dogs in Santiago with a link to the agency’s page on this subject.

Real Estate Social Responsibility. The Collateral Effect.

The collateral effect of this real estate social responsibility action has gone beyond what the agency intended. Although they request on their page that any extra help would be welcome, they never thought that so many people would send an email to Charly, (to Charly, not the agency), to find out how they could help.

Let’s not say the phone calls to the agency to help, to speak with Charly !, to give their properties for sale or to be interested in a property on their website.

In this case, the real estate agency took abandoned animals as RS of the company, but other causes that are more or less related to the real estate sector can be defended : sustainable development, (especially for promoters), or recycling.

Other causes may be the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly or disabled or homeless in your community ; help the firefighters of your city, (I have another real estate social responsibility case study to help firefighters who lack funds), improvement of parks and gardens, etc.

And if you have to choose between supporting a social cause or a cultural or educational cause, choose the former. This CSR commitment is better.

Real Estate Social Responsibility in a Real Estate Agency.

Careful! Creating value, differentiating yourself, improving your branding and getting more clients is a task of choosing the cause you should support well, creating your marketing strategy well and managing it well. Giving back a little of what society gives us is fine, but to give back you have to first win.

It is not enough to support a cause. Your customers must perceive that you are really involved and not using it for a purely sales purpose. Both must win, society and your company.

It must be made very clear that the actions of social or environmental responsibility carried out by a real estate agency should not be treated as a marketing tool to profit more; but rather as a legitimate concern of the agency to participate in these responsible actions, when positive impacts are generated for both society and the company.

Everything is a question of credibility. If the agency is credible, it will be able to achieve the benefits sought by the real estate social responsibility actions . But if it is not, the agency will suffer a more negative perception from the public.

If you have contributed to doing something positive for the society around you, you must say it loud, clear and without humility. To achieve this, your social marketing plan must contain actions so that:

1.- Your potential clients clearly perceive that your agency has altruistic motivations first and economic later.

2.- Your potential clients must perceive a compatibility between the products you sell, (real estate), your sector, (the real estate sector) and the objectives of their social actions.

3.- Your potential clients must feel involved in the cause that the company defends. It has to be relevant to them.

4.- The objective of the real estate social responsibility actions must be specific, so that it can be achievable and credible.

5.- The real estate agency must be increasingly transparent in its actions, through its communication.

Consumers are demanding more and more transparency from companies in order to distinguish which are those that really act philanthropically and those that take advantage of and instrumentalize social problems. For this reason, real estate agencies that “say a lot but do little or say little and do a lot” will not be credible.

I hope that the example of this agency in Santiago de Chile will serve as an example and inspiration to transform your real estate business into a socially responsible company like blue world city islamabad.

What do you think about real estate social responsibility? What did you think of the initiative of this real estate agency? We would appreciate if you could tell us what you think. Your opinion interests us.


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