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“Real Estate Photography. Virtual and Panoramic Organize Visits with Nodalview”

Photographs Help People See.

Take advantage of confinement to review your communication tools: real estate photography, virtual tours, 360º panoramic views and real estate videos.

Given the current crisis situation, technology makes it possible for the real estate sector like Tajarat properties to continue exercising its activity and facilitates visits, rentals and sales of real estate . More than ever with the current crisis, we need tools that allow us to continue doing our job, respecting confinement measures, and overcoming physical distance. We want to stay connected.

It is time to review our communication tools, and consider alternatives to overcome the crisis .

This solution represents an ideal alternative.

I’m going to introduce you to Nodalview, the leading real estate photography platform for smartphones in Europe. How it works is easy: take advantage of smartphone technology, an artificial intelligence algorithm, and cloud computing to produce high-quality, instantly available real estate images.

In this way, it allows us to easily create perfectly exposed photos, immersive 360 ° virtual tours and professional quality Full HD videos.

All readers, trainers and students know what the challenge is today and for this we work.

We are facing a rapidly changing real estate market, even more so with the health crisis we are going through: real estate agents are always asked to have more knowledge, take charge of more things and be experts in a multitude of fields related to real estate. Who is the agent of tomorrow? The one who can be professional, responsive, autonomous and competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

Here I am going to introduce you to the Nodalview solution, because it offers us several very interesting functions, including ones that will allow us to keep in touch with our clients from home. What I like about this tool is that it does not require any technical knowledge or expensive equipment: a recent smartphone and a bit of equipment are enough.

I am going to first explain to you what are the two alternatives that we can use these days of confinement with Nodalview, the virtual visit and the videos and finally, I will tell you how the solution works and its strengths.

Let’s go there!

1.- The Virtual Visit: to break down physical barriers.

The main advantage of the virtual visit is that you no longer need to travel to visit the property , and you can make the visit remotely with your clients . The tool is intuitive and fast , and offers a lot of flexibility .

You can decide which is the best setting for your virtual visit:

highlighting the strongest points according to the wishes of your client; you build the visit following the scenario you want.

taking control of your visit and making the virtual visit for your client and he follows the progress of the visit or let your client have a say so that he can control the visit. Which room do you want to start with?

adding multiple participants you can even organize virtual open days!

Putting sound and audio to continue maintaining contact through the sound of the microphone and the speaker that is transmitted through your Internet browser.

You can even chat with your guests during the visit.

Nodalview allows you to perfectly share your screen with your participants. All in high definition HDR.

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How to create and launch an invitation for the guided tour?

It is very easy, you create your virtual visit through 360º panoramic views that you have previously taken with any support – either thanks to Nodalview’s fisheye lens or with any other support that can perform 360º panoramic views – a direct link of the visit is sent to your client.

A new tab opens on your screen, accesses the real estate agent interface.

How does the course of the visit work?

As mentioned above, you can take it yourself or let the client take control (with the mouse or keyboard shortcut keys) to go to the right, to the left, to get closer, to change rooms, … the client it can then direct the operations for a time for you and the other participants… until you regain control. In this way, the client continues to feel the interaction and does not lose the contact and communication that a physical visit offers.

And if the client is not convinced by the property, what can we do?

The good thing that this option also offers is that you can also go from property to property. If one of your properties does not have the expected success, you can navigate through the other virtual tours that are presented on the left of your screen so that you can visit more than one property at a time. In such a way that neither of you waste time waiting to visit another property, everything is done digitally and instantly.

And once the visit is over?

Once the visit is complete, the link sent to your participants is no longer active. It is impossible for them to check the property through this channel, just like when you lock the door!

Create a Video: a Rich and Attractive Medium.

Another very useful option these days, the video creation module that Nodalview presented at the Inman Connect Fair in New York this January, comes like water in May, because it allows you to promote your mandates in an innovative and attractive way, from home.

Professional-quality visual content has a decisive impact on the online visibility of real estate mandates, for a given ad, qualitative photos generate up to four times more daily views on real estate portals , according to a recent study by Nodalview *, today more than we never need to maintain visibility and be attractive in these times of crisis.

Video creation functionality enables real estate agents to produce high quality Full HD real estate videos in minutes. The creation of these short videos, type “trailer”, can be done on the basis of the existing content, which you will have already taken before confinement, such as photography and 360 ° virtual tour , through video clips captured directly from the application or through an import from external source : sequence shot with a drone, customer testimonial, etc.

In the end you get a professional quality video , designed in a few clicks to attract the attention of potential buyers on social media, on LCD screens in the agency window or on the website and still have visibility for your agency and your properties.

In addition to highlighting real estate needs, the tool covers a wide range of possibilities: interviews with clients, information about the surrounding neighborhood or even a video presentation of the real estate agency like blue world city islamabad … Now that we are all homebound, why not ask your clients and / or partners to record short videos of testimonials that you could compile into a video ?.

“Video is becoming an extremely popular medium, but it remains difficult to exploit and implement. Most video solutions are not suitable for real estate agents and are difficult to use.

Using video has many advantages:

  • It can greatly increase the visibility of a real estate advertisement.
  • You can increase the associated contact requests.
  • It is a universal medium.
  • It is the most successful type of content in terms of SEO and visibility on social networks because it generates more engagement than any other type of content.

According to Facebook, videos generate 135% more traffic on its social network than images . In a very competitive market, real estate agents who promote their properties with videos will be able to differentiate themselves and offer an innovative service to their clients.

For Thomas Lepelaars, this new module is a strategic development: “ We are investing in video development on the same level as photography and immersive 360 ° virtual tours. We want to make Nodalview the reference solution in the market and provide an affordable, complete and integrated media production solution for real estate marketing ”.

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Why is creating professional quality content so important?

Today, the professionalism of a real estate agent is judged by the quality of their communication and therefore inevitably by the way they present products online.

Therefore, the real estate agent should not overlook the importance of a professional quality photo for a property advertisement. The photo will make it possible to attract a potential buyer or, on the contrary, it will divert him from your offer. But not all of us are professional photographers …

Hence the intention of Nodalview; offer an application that allows any professional to be successful in their photos. Through artificial intelligence and image processing, you put all the technical knowledge of a photographer in the hands of a real estate agent, both in terms of shooting and editing … this tool takes care of everything.

All professionals know that the photo is the first gateway to a property advertisement, and Nodalview offers us a solution to improve all your shots.

How do you highlight a property from a dense list of similar results in terms of location, size and price?

How does Nodalview work? Real Estate Photography.

The principle is very simple. Once the application is installed on your smartphone (iPhone or Android), you only need to take different photos, ideally changing gears and changing the exposure. The images are automatically processed on the server, which can optionally compose a 360º panorama or HDR photos (with a very wide dynamic range).

There are no limits: you can take as many shots as you want to get the best report. The solution will then allow you to stand out from the competition and attract more customers with your ads.

From a technical point of view, Nodalview algorithms analyze the composition of a scene by measuring a multitude of points in real time to understand what the camera sees, detect complicated areas, and adjust the shot accordingly across a burst of photos perfectly. calibrated that are sent to powerful servers that rebuild a perfect image based on all these elements.

Thanks to this patented technology, no photos are lost and every aspect of a property is professionally enhanced . It works on all media: virtual visit, photo and video, and offers the most qualitative and complete mobile solution on the market!

For Julien Rouschmeyer, director of marketing at Nodalview, the market is buoyant. “We know very well that today you have to go find the customer on the Internet,” he explains. We also know that customers are attracted to good quality photos… but unfortunately, we still see too many burned or underexposed images! “ , He laments.

“We get professional photos in an instant with our own smartphone and clients are always amazed with the result. We are completely satisfied, thanks to the entire Nodalview team! ”


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