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“Real Estate Marketing Course: 4,000 Visits per month Free!”

Real estate Marketing course. The Recommendations.

You need a Blog on your Website. If you visit real estate websites you will realize that less than 50% have a blog installed on their websites and of those that do, less than 20% use it well.

A blog is the best SEO tool you can use; Since each article you create is a different page on your website. Each of these pages can be optimized to rank quickly for a single keyword online.

I’m not going to go into how to optimize a blog post here, because it would need a long explanation. Just tell you, that my students position their websites in the first pages of search engines, (competing with portals and classifieds) , in less than 3 months for several keywords thanks to their blogs. For this reason, they receive qualified visits to their websites.

I have a student in Lima who has positioned his real estate website with 22 keywords on the first pages of Google. Only 3 of them, “department in Miraflores “; “Penthouse in Miraflores” and “apartment in San isidro” brings you the most qualified traffic to your website.

It gets enough requests for information from this traffic, because its articles are informative and interesting for those who are looking for a property in these areas. Requests for information that many turn into sales. At zero cost. Is this what they teach in real estate marketing courses? I think not.

I recommend that you look for some information on the importance of having a blog on a website. In this link you will better understand why you need a blog: The importance of a corporate blog for your company.

Summary: A blog helps you generate quality traffic, requests for information, visits to your properties and ultimately sales.

Third. Optimize your Images on your Website. Real estate agents have a lot of images on their website, but they don’t optimize them for keywords. Image alt tags are very important for SEO

Google likes things to be explained. If, for example, someone is making a presentation with images and if by chance some image does not appear, it will be necessary to explain to people what that image is about.

When images are placed on websites, it is necessary to add the ALT tag to the images that have been incorporated so that, if the image does not appear, the text is displayed. In WordPress this text is recognized as alternative text . Alt tags help tremendously in SEO.

Summary : Alt tags help you generate quality traffic, information requests, visits to your properties and ultimately sales, because you will have more online coverage.

Being a bit of an imp, tell you that if you find this type of information in the free subsidized courses in Real Estate Marketing , let me know to give it a free promotion on Facebook.

Mini Course on Real Estate Marketing. The Keywords.

Bedroom. Know your Keywords. Every business has its own keywords that depend on its area and the service and products that they sell. In real estate, keywords are easy as they follow the simple formula of:

“Type of property + Characteristic of the immeasurable + area”. For example: “2 bedroom house in Valencia”.

You must apply this formula to all the descriptions you make of each of your properties and to each of the pages of your website.

There are also other keywords that you can use to position certain pages of your website such as: mortgages, financing, reforms, etc. This simple formula allows you to get more leads in the real estate sector.

Your potential clients will carry out searches in search engines differently; so you need to have a list of about 10 – 50 keywords and know how to adapt them to appear in your searches. For this reason, it is interesting to add the Long Tail keywords, being a group of 4 or 5 words from the same family with a medium-high search index, with less competition than the main keywords, but easier to position in the Google SERPs.

To correctly carry out your keyword strategy you need to search for keywords that perfectly describe your real estate service and your properties or have a direct relationship, otherwise Google may penalize you. Another content that I miss in a real estate marketing course syllabus is the topic of keywords.

To get a good SEO or online positioning with your keywords you need:

1.- Place a main keyword in your URL. This URL is much better to attract traffic than, for example: ” Tajarat properties”

2.- Place another keyword on each of your pages. For example: “”keywords-long-tail

3.- Include a keyword in the Title Tag. Titles are the presentation of your excellence and service. It is important to include the keyword in the 69 characters you have of space to improve SEO.

4.- Include a keyword in H1. THE H1 is the title of the visible content. Adding the keyword will help us attract users who are looking for the keyword and it is the title that will provide us with greater appeal so that they continue reading the content.

5.- Include the same previous keyword, (it must be the same keyword), in H2, H3… H5 which are the secondary titles or subtitles of the content of your pages. In these subtitles you are interested in working with keywords not so relevant to gain positioning little by little.

6.- Include the same keyword selected for H1, H2… in the text. It is necessary to add keywords in the texts but in an orderly way and without over-optimizing. It is important to include synonyms and Long Tails; since Google recommends a maximum of 5% of the keyword in the text so as not to take it as spam.

The topic of SEO and keywords is so important today in an online real estate marketing course, that without them it is difficult to appear on the internet, especially when the first searches are saturated by real estate portals and classifieds.

Summary: Without proper use of keywords, only those who know your URL will find you online, which is very difficult. Keywords help generate quality traffic, requests for information, visits to your properties and ultimately sales.

Fifth. The External Factors. External factors are those factors that you will not be able to control directly since they indicate to the search engines the authority that your real estate website has, that is, if it is trusted or not.

No one knows exactly how the authority of a website is established, but it is known that this authority is influenced by user behavior, the quality of external links and your positioning in social networks

Mini Course on Real Estate Marketing. Other Internal Factors.

There are other internal factors that will help you tremendously to position yourself well online; since they make life easier for search engines, when they access the pages of your real estate website. These are: the quality of the content, (especially of your blog), the architecture of your website, (the navigability), the HTML code and the user experience.

1.- The content The content of your real estate website is the most important factor to position yourself in Google. If you offer original and interesting content for the user, (hence the importance of your blog), appearing in the top positions of Google will be a breeze. Google Panda is the one in charge of establishing whether a content is original or not. The content must be at least 800 words.

However, it is being observed that texts whose length is between 1000 or 1200 words position more easily. It is recommended that you follow a course in real estate content marketing , so that you understand this concept a little better.

2.- The Structure. Once Google bots or spiders access your real estate website, they send all the information they track to their servers. That is why it is important to make tracking as easy as possible for them. Having a good URL structure not only helps this; it also helps usability and favors user navigation.

Charging time is also essential. Loading time not only worsens the user experience but also influences the ability of search engines to index all the pages on your website.

3.- The HTML code The bots that access a website mainly read its HTML code, so it is essential to have it well structured and optimized . Search engines use certain HTML tags to display content information in their search results.

Structured data is becoming increasingly important in search results. They offer search engines more detailed information about the content of a website and show additional information that does not show the title or meta description , such as the average rating in the form of stars or the number of opinions of an article.

4.- And finally the user experience , which plays a very important role in the SEO positioning of each of the pages of your website. Although Google has confirmed that it does not influence the rankings of results, it is a piece of information that Google can use to evaluate the quality of a website.

“However, on mobile devices it is different: since the user experience is the basis of the latest search engine update, the results offered on mobile devices do take into account the user experience of a page.”

As you can see, getting your real estate business to rank quickly in Google and Bing depends first on how you design your website and then on how you constantly feed your real estate website always using keywords.

Today, to be a professional real estate agent and get more sales, you need to know SEO and apply it to get quality contacts. A real estate marketing course worth its salt should teach this and much more.

You may find my comment exaggerated, but it is not. If you have no traffic to your website, you will not have requests for information. If you only depend on real estate portals, Google Ads and Facebook to attract customers, you will surely sell, but you will need to invest more budget to get less than you would get using SEO as well. Let’s say that SEO makes your online real estate investment profitable by 2 or 3.

To make money in this sector, (one thing is in selling real estate and another is making money selling real estate), you have to learn new skills and one of them is knowing how to manage your website by applying SEO. Do it, and in a few months you will start enjoying qualified customer contacts through your website.

This article, (and I’m not going to be humble, because I don’t have to be), is worth more than some courses advertised as: Real Estate Marketing Expert Course.

I would appreciate if you leave us a comment about this article. Do you think that SEO work to optimize blue world city islamabad is complicated and time consuming for a real estate agent? What do you think of the real estate marketing courses on the market? Your opinion interests us. Thanks.


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