Having overcome the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, experts point to the consistent growth in the real estate sector, with increasingly optimistic forecasts for the real estate market in 2021.

This branch has been considered as one of the healthiest and most stable ones to invest. All of this performance is corroborated by data from Datastore, the company responsible for organizing surveys for the real estate sector.

All the changes experienced in 2020 have changed the way people define preferences and interests, even impacting their demand in the real estate sector. That is why it is important to understand what are the news expected for the coming years. If you want to know what will be the trend, read on and learn right now!

What will the post-pandemic market look like?

The beginning of 2020 had good expectations for the real estate sector, following an upward trend since 2019. However, the growth in the number of Covid-19 cases, social isolation and uncertainties on the part of consumers made the search for properties reduce over the months. To circumvent this scenario, many companies sought new strategies to reach their customers, mainly with the use of digital media.

Another point favorable to the return of growth in this sector was the Selic Rate, which reached the lowest level in history in 2020 and remains expected at around 2%. As this rate serves as a basis for the other rates in the economy, it made all the others lower, allowing the amount paid in each installment of financing to be also lower.

Thus, with an attractive interest rate and, on the other hand, fixed-income investments that are less and less advantageous, the private real estate sector tends to present a great performance in the next year. In addition to these resources, there are also government investments that promise to further heat up the sector.

What are the new trends for the real estate market in 2021?

Real estate consultants analyzing data about the real estate market on the computer

A short-term perspective for the real estate market is the attention of people who have investments in variable income.

As the fall in the Selic Rate made financial investments in this category less attractive, the real estate market has been acquiring more potential customers. Because of this, there is an expectation of migration of these investors to purchase real estate.

In addition, there are some important trends that should be noted. See the topics below!


The pandemic period brought many uncertainties to consumers and this has led to safer investment options. With savings returns getting smaller and interest rates more affordable, investing in real estate stood out as a great opportunity to make money pay more and without taking any risk.


Due to the fact that most cities are growing and developing over time, the tendency is for the demand for real estate to increase, generating greater appreciation.

In addition, there is flexibility in financing for used properties and also credit subsidized by government programs. All of this contributes to keeping demand strong and prices rising, guaranteeing profit at the time of sale.

Financing and interest

The funds are the primary means for the purchase of the real estate. Several public and private institutions offer lines of credit for the purchase and, with the drop in interest rates in the economy, they all become cheaper and more accessible. In addition, many institutions offer up to 90% of the value of the property, further facilitating the purchase process.

Economic growth

Given that in 2020 the economy produced below its capacity, it is expected that there will be great growth in the post-pandemic period. This contributes to job creation, increased consumer confidence and, consequently, leads to an improvement in the performance of all sectors.

Most present technology

One of the novelties inserted in the real estate market is the use of technology with an ally in all processes, especially when it comes to building a relationship with consumers.

The apps and websites themselves provided an ideal sales guide for this medium, also including the use of drones and virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

Such innovation generates benefits both for companies, which reach a greater number of customers and for users, who are able to know all the characteristics of a property without leaving their home.


A short time ago the purchase or sale of real estate was synonymous with hours wasted in notary offices to resolve all the details of a negotiation. However, there are already platforms that allow the realization of these processes in a virtual way. With these mechanisms, it is possible to use a digital signature to monitor processes and issue relevant documents.

In addition, banks have also become more efficient and have many features in the online modality. All of this has further simplified the financing processes and reduced the waiting time until the approval period.

Why is it important to keep up with these changes?

Knowing what the market’s prospects contribute for you to understand the best business opportunities, in addition to being in a safer condition compared to competitors. As a result, it is possible to see which segments will develop faster and take advantage of this competitive advantage.

Given that many people thought about buying a property and had to postpone the decision due to the uncertainties during the pandemic, it is very likely that in 2021 it will be the time for that acquisition. This indicates a sales boom in this sector, being reinforced by the fact that people, during social isolation, realized the importance of investing in the quality of life and well-being at home.

Thus, being attentive to new developments in the 2021 real estate market will allow you to monitor market fluctuations and identify the right time to enter this business. With increasingly optimistic possibilities in both the public and private sectors, it is important to develop a plan now so that at the right time you will be able to take advantage of this unique moment.

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