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“Meet Digitize Real Estate and Go to Another Level Do you need Clients?”

I have known Vicente Albert, the generating director of Digitaliz Real Estate for a long time and in a few years, he has become a crack in the acquisition and sale of real estate.

He started wringing his head about how to change the status quo of real estate portals, because he was fed up with so much promise and little results with portals that promised you eternal salvation and in the end you were still in Purgatory.

Vicente, smarter than a squirrel, has learned to master online marketing in real estate. He realized that the customer acquisition solution was in the sales funnels , in the process of filtering customers and using Facebook and other means to generate traffic.

This is how Digitaliza Real Estate was born to give portals up their noses and help real estate agents to capture more and better ; to attract better customers and sell more.

Do you want to go to another level in real estate acquisition? Digitize Real Estate tells you how and it tells you loud and clear.

Let’s see, in the words of Vicente Albert, how Digitaliza is going to get you qualified clients every week, sometimes every day.

What is Digitaliza Real Estate?

Recruitment in real estate is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially when we talk about sales contacts, which are what make the rest of the process possible. If you have also realized that it is time to renew and readapt to the sector, perhaps you are interested in knowing what Digitaliza Real Estate is.

Do not lose detail! In this article we are going to tell you what Digitaliza is, what services they can offer you and how they can help you close more exclusives.

It is time to renew, to readjust to the real estate sector.

Lets start by the beginning. It seems that we have returned to a seller’s market, like the one that existed before the crisis hit our sector. However, over the last few years, traditional real estate agencies have emerged several competitors that take market share.

On the other, digital real estate agencies. And let’s not forget the Crowdfunding Platforms , which buy directly from sellers to put the houses up for rent…. As you can see, the market has changed, but it is not the only one … your customers too.

They no longer access your services as they did before. It is no longer enough just to open a real estate agency in a specific area and kick the streets by mailboxes. Those techniques are no longer effective. Your customers are now on the Internet. That is where the new digital real estate companies, have come into play … and where they are currently playing the real estate battle for selling clients . That’s where you have to be!

And how can you, as a Real Estate Manager, adapt quickly and start to attract your selling clients here ? This is where we get to the crux of the matter: adapting and growing is easy if you know who to hang out with. Digitize Real Estate can be your solution!

Digitize Real Estate and Real Estate Marketing.

Digitaliza Real Estate is the first digital agency specialized in real estate marketing. They design, develop and implement Real Estate Inbound Marketing strategies for dozens of real estate agencies around the country.

They are not satisfied with telling you what your real estate agency should do on the Internet to start attracting clients. At Tajarat properties Real Estate they take the reins, develop your recruitment strategy and get you quality contacts.

Working with Digitize is interesting if you are not prepared or do not have infrastructure to have a digital marketing department in your real estate. This is a service that you can outsource. Isn’t it easier to leave it in expert hands?

The main Digital Marketing services for Real Estate

Service 1.: Inbound Real Estate Marketing Get on the Train!

In Digitize Real Estate are specialized in Inbound Marketing.

Do you know what it is? Inbound is an innovative type of marketing and non-intrusive . Its main objective is to get your customers to contact you.

To achieve this objective, the positioning of your real estate website and the continuous creation of quality content are very important. Your articles have to be written based on SEO criteria, they have to be long, interesting … this is not easy!

If you want your strategy to be as effective as possible, my recommendation is that you put yourself, (digitally), in the hands of a specialized company like Real Estate from the first minute. To do this, you will go through two phases.

The first is the Implementation phase . Where your new website and your property search engine will be designed and optimized. Your real estate CRM is configured and different attraction magnets are introduced on your website. That is, it adapts to Inbound Marketing!

Attraction magnets, or lead magnets, are documents that are given to your customers in exchange for a contact . At Real Estate they develop them for you in ebook format. For example, to attract selling customers “The mistakes of the seller. Discover them and avoid falling into them ” ; freelance real estate agents “The advantages of associating. Start to grow as a professional ”, or the client that interests you.

The second phase is Maintenance. Month by month, the Real Estate team will plan an editorial calendar of topics for your blog, publish different articles to position your new real estate website. It will manage your social networks. They will advertise on the networks through Facebook to start attracting customers, sellers and buyers. And for this, they will design all the ads and segment your ideal audience, (or buyer person).

And that’s not all. Every month they will give you a report with the results of your ad campaign. In this way you can carry out a control of the actions carried out and do A / B tests to see what works best. Each real estate agency is different!

Continuous contact and unbeatable attention. In the day-to-day life of your agency, events, extraordinary campaigns or promotions may arise. Just as you establish a relationship of trust with your clients, exactly the same thing happens between Real Estate and real estate agents.

If your real estate agency is going to organize an Open House or wants to promote a specific home on social networks, it has the entire team to design the promotion. Infographics, video editing, image editing … a complete marketing service tailored to your needs.

Digitize Real Estate works with Clientify.

In another previous article we talked about Clientify, the first Inbound Marketing platform in the country. A tool that “is going to shake real estate portals.”

The reason: Clientify is a powerful lead acquisition tool . It allows you to create forms, landing pages or landing pages, create Newsletters, email marketing automations … and everything you can imagine. Maybe you are wondering if you would be able to handle a digital real estate marketing tool like this … Don’t worry! Not only is it super simple, but it is also very intuitive.

The Real Estate team will give you some preliminary guidelines and will teach you its functionalities. They themselves are the ones who will prepare the initial automations (email marketing sequences to contact your customers), the forms and the landing.

If you still have doubts, you have the Clientify Academy completely free. They are video tutorials that will teach you step by step to do everything you propose. And don’t forget that Clientify support is also at your disposal if you have any incident.

Digitize Real Estate: Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring.

Do you know these real estate marketing concepts? There are two more services that Digitaliza Real Estate offers you and that will help you close exclusives. When users find you, some are not sure to contact you. Maybe they need a little more time to decide …

The team carries out an email marketing sequence to keep in touch with them so they don’t forget you. This is lead nurturing, a “maturing your contacts” strategy.

Lead scoring is a concept that helps us to know how interested your contacts are in you. Depending on whether or not they open your emails, click on your website, browse or read your information … some points are added or subtracted. In this way, at the end of a period we can determine “the degree of maturity of your contacts”.

We can qualify them as cold, warm or hot contacts. With the hot ones, you will have to contact because, according to the data, they are very predisposed to you.

Service No. 2: Web Retargeting.

Another service! Has it ever happened to you that you were looking at a service on the Internet and then it appeared constantly? This is web retargeting .

In Digitize they can do the same with your real estate. In Real Estate Web Retargeting, a cookie is installed in the browser of the users who enter your website. Then, while browsing, your real estate agency will appear.

This way you keep in constant contact with them. They may want to look at other options before contacting you. However, this way they will surely not forget you!

Services No. 3: Real Estate Branding

Working on your brand image is essential, whether you have a small real estate agency, such as a large real estate group with several franchisees or associates. You have to create a space in the mind of your clients. Position yourself.

From Real Estate they study your brand, how you are, the type of properties you work with and what your ideal client is like . In this way they determine all the elements of your communication: your tone on social networks, your digital image, everything!

Possibly some of these factors are what will make your customers know you. It has happened that some people were already “loyal” even before they became clients of a real estate agency. If they like how you are, how you work and how you show yourself, why wouldn’t they contact you before any other professional?

One of the problems with real estate is that we don’t show everything we do. Something as simple as recording a short video for our clients on the day of the signing can make us gain a lot of credibility. Do you need an agency by your side that reminds you that you have to RECORD IT? In that case … again: contact Real Estate !

Digitize Real Estate, Vanguard Real Estate Marketing.

One of the strongest points of the agency, which has made them a benchmark digital real estate marketing agency in a very short time, is the continuous investment in technology and innovation.

They are at the forefront of all real estate marketing trends. Those that can help you reach sales customers faster than your competition. I’m going to tell you about his last two incorporations , which are achieving excellent results in attracting real estate contacts.

Service 4: InmoApp, the app for your real estate

In a real estate portal you compete with many selling owners and other real estate companies. However, Real Estate has collaborated in the development of InmoApp, which allows you to have an App of your real estate agency.

Your clients can download it and be in continuous contact with your properties. You will receive notices when there are additions or changes. They can bookmark the properties that interest them… Along with the loyalty strategy, you have it easy.

In addition, this App works for both the Android and iOS operating systems, so it does not matter what your client handles. You will be able to download the application without any problems.

Service No. 5: Real Estate Chatbot

Contact retention data from the real estate chatbot is fascinating. Imagine having a person serving your clients in your real estate 24 hours a day . This is possible in your digital real estate, your website.

At Real Estate we design and implement a real estate chatbot on your website, which will talk to all users who enter.

Digitize real Estate: How do you know if it is the agency you were looking for?

It is true that Real Estate offers the latest services in real estate marketing and they are growing rapidly around the country. But if you are still not entirely convinced to contact them … let me tell you about their team.

It is a creative team, prepared and trained in digital marketing. With previous experience in communication and specialized in SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media management… and most importantly: the real estate sector.

Real Estate was born as a company with 100% real estate DNA . They know the sector in depth, they understand the needs of real estate companies, they know how to reach and contact clients. And in addition, they are able to adapt all this knowledge to digital marketing to obtain good results.

The professional method is known. In digital capture techniques, they are experts. From their own blog and social networks, they carry out a continuous training mission. They explain why Inbound Marketing is useful, how to make your own ads on social networks, how to make banners, what is real estate branding …

If you are still not sure about working with them, follow them on the networks and subscribe to their blog to be informed of everything.

As you can see, blue world city islamabad offers you a comprehensive Real Estate Marketing service in your agency. Do not waste another minute in having the latest technology and trends in contact acquisition in the digital environment. With Digitize, get ready for your launch.


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