Knowing how to increase online sales like that of online sales of Nova city, is certainly one of the concerns of managers and sellers more attuned to the current market scenario.

According to the CSA, a US magazine on retail analytics and trends, in the first two months of 2021, US citizens have already spent $121 billion on online shopping , an increase of 34% per year.

Now, just to illustrate the growth, if we consider the twelve-month period (March 2019 to February 2020), it was US$ 844 billion. In 2019, it was US$ 570 billion.

In Brazil, the scenario is no different. According to the Global Outlook 2021 Report, 30% of the e-commerce created in the coronavirus pandemic will continue to exist after the outbreak. And, according to NZN Intelligence, 74% of Brazilians prefer to buy online.

This data not only serves to understand the market, but to reinforce a new behavior that traditional companies need to adopt. So, the question “how to increase online sales?” arises in the minds of entrepreneurs seeking to grow in an increasingly competitive environment.

So, read on and take the necessary actions to supercharge your strategies. Discover how to increase your online sales!

How to increase your sales online

Knowing how to increase online sales goes beyond an ambition to expand your sales channels. 

Estimates are that more and more purchases over the internet are replacing physical purchases, which reinforces the idea that: choosing to sell on the web is not an option, but a necessity! It is essential to know how to increase online sales in order to survive in today’s market. 

Now, in this content you will see:

  • The differences between virtual trade formats;
  • What it takes to create a strong product on the web;
  • What is it and how to use digital marketing to your advantage;
  • Persuasion strategies such as mental triggers;
  • The basic requirements for a sales site to be good;
  • How to improve user experience;
  • Ways to increase the number of visits to your website;
  • How to solve cart abandonment.

Learn once and for all how to increase online sales and boost your business!

Know the difference between e-commerce, online store and marketplace

The first step to increase your online sales is: entend to the difference between the platforms used for sales. So, let’s explain to you what each one is!

By analogy, an e-commerce would be any structure on the web that you set up to sell your product or service. The virtual store is just a shopping page within this system. An internet shop window.

E-commerce is able to sell through different means. Social networks and emails are some examples. He is responsible for all stages of the sales process, from product storage to shipping.

Examples of e-commerce are the websites of a brand present on the web, such as Riachuelo, a department store that sells in physical establishments and also virtually.

However, a marketplace is a place that spans multiple merchandise segments in just one domain. It is a product aggregator where merchants can advertise whatever they want.

Some famous examples of marketplace in Brazil are OLX and Mercado Livre.

Which of these models does your business fit into? Answering this question is an important step in figuring out how to increase online sales and whether it’s possible to start selling in a new medium.

Strengthen your brand’s value proposition

Generating value on your products and services reinforces their presence in the market. When the proposal is appropriate, it increases the visibility of what you want to sell, the authority of the brand, and also attracts and retains customers.

In other words, strengthening the value proposition means differentiating yourself from the competition, knowing your customer and offering more than just what you sell.

Firstly, the value has to be rooted in the minds of the employees themselves, they need to understand and believe in the efficiency and quality of products or services.

Then, establish yourself strongly on the internet and bet on good marketing.

Some tips on how to create a foolproof value proposition are:

  • Focus on your product’s differential and how it can draw the customer’s attention, always considering the pain that this consumer presents and the solutions he seeks;
  • Further reinforce the benefits of what you sell;
  • Be creative, that is, leave the conventional when negotiating.

Invest in digital marketing to increase online sales 

Most people are familiar with traditional marketing of Capital Smart City, that done by word of mouth, through billboards, newspapers, magazines, television and other physical means. However, digital marketing has been gaining more and more space in the market.

This strategic form of advertising is made up of actions aimed at publicizing something on the internet, with the help of digital devices such as smartphones and computers. With this feature, it is possible to increase the relationship networks and prospect new contacts.

As this is a growing area, it is common to make basic mistakes. Among the main ones are:

  • Not paying enough attention to digital marketing;
  • Failing to carry out campaigns to promote the brand;
  • Do not hire people specialized in the area;
  • Thinking that marketing is just posting something on social media without planning or purpose.

Putting together a good digital marketing strategy is to understand that you need to clearly define who the person you want to reach is and dialogue with them in the same language and in the same channels. 

It is also necessary to have a strong, well-established visual identity and strategic advertising campaigns.

Increase online sales with social selling

The selling social, social or sale in Portuguese, is a way to establish a more human connection with your customer.

With the help of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it is possible to strengthen your brand and increase engagement and networking.

Therefore, the idea here is not to be a virtual store in the sense of just being an exhibition, showing the products, services and prices. The purpose is greater!

Create a posting plan, measure what works and what doesn’t with performance indicators, and also hire specific people to take care of social media.

It is extremely important to maintain the frequency of posts and interaction on networks. Reply to comments, make reposts, and create campaigns for followers to share. Deliver what they like to consume!

When the brand is well established on the internet and is strong in engagement and notoriety, customers begin to consume what it sells for lifestyle and identification, not just out of necessity.

These are the great differentials in the current market. In order to know how to increase online sales, it is not enough to offer good products or services, it is undeniably necessary to develop a whole structure that stimulates culture and reinforces the brand.

Bet on mental triggers

Within marketing and sales, mental triggers are often used, which help to make sales campaigns successful.

Triggers are external reactions that get a person’s attention at a given time and stimulate the brain to make a decision. Thus, they can be used to arouse some feeling, encouraging and instigating the purchase.

The most common within sales are:

  • Curiosity: it moves, as the name says, with the person’s curiosity, creating a feeling of wanting to find out what’s to come. A common example is “buy product “x” and get a surprise gift!” which increases the level of customer satisfaction.

A good case of curiosity trigger is what TAG – Literary Experiences does. Those who participate in the club receive a book every month at home, but without knowing in advance which one it is or who wrote it.

  • Urgency: Who has never entered a website and seen a countdown to an offer end? This is the time trigger, which creates the need to purchase the product before it’s too late.

The Amazon is a great example in this case! She uses the timer under the deals of the day to indicate the validity of that promotion.

  • Shortage: indicates that something is running out, for example: “there are only ten more products left in stock”. This idea encourages the purchase to be made soon, as there are not many products available.

The Booking heavily uses this strategy. When searching for a destination, it informs how many vacancies are still available for that date and with that value.

This device can be used on sales pages, but also on social networks and rich content, such as blog posts and website publications. It’s a great way to get the customer’s attention and build engagement, which increases your chances of selling.

Have a well-developed website

Regardless of your sales channel, optimize it to be responsive, that is, it suits all screen formats, whether on smartphones, tablets or computers.

When a website is developed and works well on all devices, the user experience improves and the user tends to make the purchase. 

On the other hand, if the pages don’t load, the visual optimization isn’t good and the customer can’t navigate to all parts of the site, how is he going to buy something?

When these problems happen, browsers such as Google or Explorer do not consider the page to be well optimized, which decreases relevance. As a result, it does not appear among the first options in search results, making it difficult for the brand to be found.

Ensure a good user experience

Even if the site works well, fits all screen formats, improves the customer experience, there are still other practices that help users to be more satisfied and happier.

Serve each person in an agile and organized way, always prioritizing the needs they have and trying to solve the problems they have with what you sell.

In other words, carry out a totally consultative sale, which is the act of being present to the consumer as a specialized consultant, capable of solving the difficulties that he/she presents.

In person, these practices are done in a conversation that involves both body and verbal language. Now, to sell online, be aware of the questions that the customer asks and always ask more open questions that instigate them to give complete answers, such as: “for what purpose are you looking for this product?”

With these attitudes, you lead the customer to make the best decision for himself, which increases his satisfaction and loyalty.

Drive traffic to your website

You have already learned the different formats and ways to market your products or services on the internet and how to do this with assertive marketing and mental triggers.

You also saw that developing a good website is essential for optimizing content and getting you noticed on the web.

The next step is to turbo charge all of these practices to increase online sales, starting with your website traffic. 

Traffic is the amount of visits your page receives, be it an e-commerce, a marketplace or an Instagram store, for example.

The number of hits influences the number of sales you make and how well your brand is known and relevant to search engines. So, invest in reaching even more leads, i.e. potential customers, and increasing website traffic.

Invest in paid ads

Paid ads are a way to reach potential leads according to profile and content consumption. 

If you sell stationery, for example, you know that your audience is students and people who work in offices and consume content on Instagram, Facebook and Interest. Therefore, a good strategy is to focus on these channels and direct ads to them.

You can create an ad within Facebook itself, just access Facebook Ads.

Recover customers who abandoned their cart

According to Moosend, the average of cart abandonment in the world is 69%, a number that shows how this practice is quite common. However, she is not normal.

Find out why consumers visit your pages, search for products, add them to their cart, but do not complete the purchase. Like? Observing the structure of your store. 

  • Is the value proposition of what is sold well placed? That’s one of the first reasons people give up on buying: not being captivated by what they see.
  • Does your store work well with fast and fair shipping? It is also common for someone to reach the final stages of the purchase, but when they find out the shipping cost or delivery time, they give up because they don’t want to pay the price or wait for the indicated time. Invest in a good structure for transporting goods.
  • Don’t forget about payment methods! Every customer who buys online wants convenience and agility, so make payment methods easier, adding as many as possible and always optimizing this step.
  • Finally, perform a good service. When it’s not done well, customers can even browse the site and add products to their cart, but before actually buying, they remember whether the service is effective or not. After all, if they have any problems with payment, shipping or need to return, will it be easy to contact the company?

In summary, keep in mind that the customer will always prefer to close the purchase on a site that he has had good experience or has heard positive recommendations from others.

Work for it: always deliver the best services at every step, and you will be able to know how to increase online sales.