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“International Real Estate Conference “. Sales Funnels.

Back in the day, Savvy Realtors Were Apprentices Too.

On June 5, an online real estate conference will be held , which you cannot miss. The conference is online and deals with the benefits of using sales funnels to attract and sell real estate in blue world city islamabad.

This type of conference is not easy to organize, as finding the right speakers and putting them all under one roof is almost impossible.

Jesus Rico Vargas, the organizer of this international real estate event has succeeded and for me it is a pleasure to participate in it. A conference for real estate with 12 speakers from different countries and that lasts as whole day.

Real estate agents need to know the effectiveness of sales funnels, how they are prepared and what their profitability is. They are the ideal tool for real estate developers who want to launch their new development; ideal for real estate agencies and also for independent real estate agents on a budget.

I have been teaching my clients for years how to implement a real estate sales funnel in their online recruitment strategies and always, I repeat, we have always increased sales by more than 100%.

It is for this reason that I have welcomed initiatives such as that of Jesús Rico to publicize the sales funnels to the real estate sector, not only in Colombia, but from Argentina to Mexico.

This international and online real estate conference is an event that you cannot miss. Attending a real estate event on a subject as specific as this is not easy and is a luxury.

Real Estate Conference

As those who know me know, I am a defender of inbound real estate marketing and I am happy that there are companies that offer these services on the market today . Jesús Rico Consulting is one of them and also one of the good ones.

Before holding this real estate conference, I asked Jesús to do an interview to make his service known to all my followers, not only in Colombia, but in other countries.

Here is the interview. Spend a few moments knowing what Jesús Rico has to say to us and I hope you don’t miss this Real Estate Conference that will be held online on Wednesday, June 5, and your attendance is FREE.

To reserve your seat, go to this link: LATAM Conferences – Online Real Estate Event

I include some excerpts from this Interview.

Jesús has worked in Digital Marketing for the last 10 years and Jesús, therefore, has noticed a need in the real estate sector where real estate agencies and construction companies, therefore, could sell more by applying Online Marketing in an intelligent way.

I, the truth, is that I very much agree with him and this is where Jesus has perfected the sales funnel, specific for this sector, which is a little -slightly- different from the type of sales funnel of much cheaper products , of $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 dollars.

Here we are talking about high value products; of more than $ 100,000 dollars 2 and for this specific sales funnels are needed and Jesus knows very well: how to create them, how to develop them and how to obtain profitability with them.

Conferences and real estate Events on Sales Funnels.

Question: What are sales funnels and how do they apply to the Real Estate sector of Tajarat properties.

Jesus: Sales Funnels are basically a logical and sequential process, which seeks, through a series of strategically connected steps , to lead the customer prospect throughout their purchase cycle, but understanding it beforehand so that it becomes easier and faster, precisely, you close sales.

So, the concept of sales funnels is quite old – let’s say old – because it has been in the market for many years and some companies have in some way tried or standardized a series of processes

Regardless of the type of industry or the type of product being sold, all companies have one thing in common: they are selling to people. All sales funnels are designed, configured, based on persuasive architecture.

So, this is where the work comes in, very punctual, of trying to understand the sales flow, the buying cycle , that a person follows who thinks about buying an apartment, a house, an office, a warehouse or whatever it may be. real estate.

Understand that process, standardize it and establish it, within a funnel, so that it can be done much faster, it can be tracked, all actions can be measured during the process and, in this way, it can be optimized . That in short is greater results, faster, with a much lower investment in time and money. So that’s more sales with less costs. Basically.

Question: Since when have you been designing real estate sales funnels for your clients

Jesús: Almost a little more than ten years ago, I started to implement sales funnels, precisely in one sector, (extremely complicated), which is livestock, and it was when that friend told me: Hey Jesus, if you implement it here to sell something that is as complicated as selling online, why not apply it to the real estate sector , to sell some high-value, luxury properties, here at Ruitoque Condominium. Indeed, it gave us results.

Then I implemented it for the sale of a project that was, let’s say, stuck in sales: I had been trying to sell 26 plots for a year and a half , I had barely sold four. As soon as we implemented the sales funnel, we sold 12 parcels in less than three months.

That’s when I said: Wow! this has a lot of potential. The margins that are given in the real estate sector give to do something much more effective, more powerful. For this reason, it took a little more than seven years to work it punctually for the real estate sector.

Carlos: From your point of view, is it difficult for an independent real estate agent to implement a sales funnel?

Jesús: That question is very interesting, because we could say anyone can implement it, but of course, there is actually still a small technology implementation gap. We will see this at the real estate conference next month.

Knowing how to connect the dots in a strategic and effective way, that is, well done, really requires the understanding of a series of variables and a series of aspects that, probably, for a common real estate agent is complicated.

And not because he cannot do it, he can do it, only that gap of ignorance, first in understanding the strategy and then in understanding how to implement it, among the tools that the Internet proposes as a business platform to carry it out; is what in principle would make it super complicated.

Ten years ago, so much more, when I started designing the implementation of real estate sales funnels, we were barely like three or four cats campaigning on Facebook and on different advertising platforms.

Of course, we could say that it was much more complicated still because there were fewer tools, they were much more expensive , but today, it is absolutely easier and, in fact, it will become even easier every time because, surely, in the future new tools are going to come out that will make it much easier. I could see someone at the real estate conference.

For this reason, I consider that the most complicated thing today is, really, not knowing that this exists, how this can be implemented in a simple way in the funnel strategy for real estate sales. I think that is the part where we mainly need to work: to publicize the concept of real estate sales funnels.

Free Online Real Estate Conference.

Carlos: I totally agree with you Jesus. From your point of view, what is the most important thing for a real estate sales funnel to work and produce real sales?

Jesus: Web traffic is a very important aspect indeed, but it is not the most important. The most important, actually, is in 2 essentials . The first of these is the strategic design of the funnel. It is not the same to sell an apartment or luxury real estate.

The second point is how to join each of these elements strategically, then the design of the strategy and how to join these points, so that a sales funnel can be executed very, very well. Failure to understand the two elements that are a key part of a sales funnel, which is the level of awareness of the client’s problem within their property purchase process, the level of heating, how predisposed they are to purchase the property, how to wear it throughout the process; it becomes key.

That, basically, part of the strategy. Then how do you connect the dots, well that’s the second point. Therefore, for me the most important thing, above the tools, here it does not matter the landing builder you are using, which email marketing provider you are using, all of that is important, of course, but it is not the most important thing, there is something first and it is just that.

Carlos: What are the most effective sources of web traffic, according to your point of view, for real estate sales funnels?

Jesus: The first thing to understand is that there are 3 types of traffic sources and, based on those three types of traffic sources, a number is displayed – I think I have so far taken as more than 24 traffic sources – that we can implement to attract much more traffic.

I believe that the most important thing in web traffic is -first- to activate all possible traffic sources, within a work plan, within a specific time and according to your budget, depending on what will allow you to generate return on investment of the sale of the property.

So how can I be profitable in the process and know which one can they use. First of all their own traffic , then it is the paid traffic and then it is the organic traffic . All three are absolutely necessary.

We could think that paid traffic may be the most important because you quickly send traffic to your property. Yes it’s correct. but organic traffic, for example, like SEO, can also help you . But your own traffic is actually the one that ends up being the most important of all.

In fact, paid traffic and organic traffic should feed your list of contacts that are captured throughout the sales process, in your commercial management as a real estate agent, as a real estate agent, as a construction company, to build a community around that list of contacts, in such a way that when a new property arrives – if you have a very well segmented contact list, classified: by location, interest, type of interested property, purchase times – surely you could practically sell only with that list of contacts.

This is usually used a little better or faster, due to the economic capacity that a construction company or a developer may have , as they call it in some other countries, and it is the fact that many of the construction companies or real estate developers do not build a community around that contact list.

Real Estate Conference. An Event with 12 Specialists.

Carlos: Which of the above traffic sources are the most effective? How should they be implemented? At least tell us a couple of them, nothing more.

Jesús: The first thing to do is have a landing page that allows you to capture data, as I was saying, to have your own traffic list. I think that, for a real estate agent, the most practical thing would be to buy traffic, because doing SEO has its job.

It is not complex really, after you understand a few key principles, I think it can be implemented and it can be very good, but if you want to start seeing fast , immediate results , you could use paid traffic, like Facebook and Instagram Ads, which they are – let’s say – where their learning curve is quite short when it comes to implementing them. In fact, Carlos can teach you a little about it, he has two very cool courses on it.

But, it is important to understand that when you implement paid traffic, the most important thing is to generate that prospect capture, of the prospect’s data, to create a two-way channel with that person, where you can then communicate with him, in a call, in a sending of mail, in a text message or in a contact by instant messaging, as each one implements these communication strategies.

Carlos: Jesus, could you tell us how a real estate agent can start, in an organized and effective way, to implement their own sales funnel with you.

Jesús: For this I have created a free course where he explained basically everything we talked about. The implementation of a sales funnel has work and I usually implement it for projects or for construction companies. I’m going to show it at this real estate conference.

The methodology that I put into practice I call SPI-PRO, which is the Professional Real Estate Prospecting System, which is basically the method that I use in the implementation of real estate sales funnels.

There are probably other methods, other techniques, another way, but I have one of my own that has worked for me, the one that I have been tuning, optimizing, in all these years and in that order of ideas, was that I took the course, because In a way, then, the course allows real estate agents to implement it in a super simple way.

It is a free course, but it is a free course of high quality because there are three videos, of more than 35 minutes, where he explained everything, practically, the strategic design, why they work, the errors to avoid , the elements to use, the customer warm-up cycle and even, at the end, how to implement a traffic campaign through Facebook effectively and very, very easily.

1 Day Real Estate Conference. It will be Recorded.

Carlos: Could you tell us what the cost of your services is?

Jesus: There are 3 types of costs. The first of them is the cost that must be paid directly to the traffic providers, that is, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and all those ending in Ads.

The second type of costs are the costs of the tools that are needed to implement the funnel and the cost of automations , because the idea of ​​the sales funnel is to be as automated as possible, because the more time you save from manual tasks to the real estate agents, the commercial manager or the sales director, well better than better, because he is not profitable by wasting time on the Internet but by closing deals.

So, there are costs of the traffic providers, it can go from 500 dollars to 1,000 dollars , what you want to invest, you already pay directly to the provider. The tools can go around 50 dollars a month, starting the funnel, and the fees that I charge are 1,500 dollars a month, but here that basically covers everything, that is, I become the Director of Digital Marketing for the campaign of a specific project.

Carlos: Don’t you have any offer that we can apply now to those who listen to us, at least for the independent agents who are always short of budget?

Jesus: I do have a special offer and I will launch it at the next Real Estate conference, which will be the first Online Congress on Real Estate Sales Funnels.

Those interested should access this page to register for free : Real Estate Event – Sales Funnels

There will be 12 presentations in a single day, it will be June 5 of this year, we are well, now… nothing…. We are approximately 22 days away, but let’s have a great time.

You can register, obviously the places if they are 100% free , but the places are limited because we will barely have, well, we will use sessions and we will only have capacity for 3,000 people for each real estate conference.

Yes in Latin America there are more than 200,000 real estate agents , not counting, because I imagine that the idea is that you quickly take your position, enter, register and participate in this Congress that is going to be very, very, very good.

Carlos: Finally, before ending the session, ask about your social networks, how they can get in touch with you, how real estate agents or construction companies and real estate agencies can contact you.

Carlos: It has been a pleasure talking to you, listening to you. There are many real estate agents and especially promoters, builders and developers, who would be very interested in knowing what the protocol process is to be able to launch them effectively and with guarantees and profitability their project on pre-sale or on plan.

Thank you Jesus for your contribution and for the work you are doing in the real estate sector.

Jesus: Thank you very much.

What do you think of the responses of Jesús Rico Vargas? Are you familiar with Real Estate sales funnels ? Your Opinion interests us and I hope you attend this online real estate conference .


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