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“Home Staging: The 5 Keys That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster”

Home Staging is not an Additional Expense, it is an Investment.

With more and more followers, this concept of revaluing homes through home staging is not as novel as some real estate agents think.

The Home Staging, or staging, is a way to facilitate the sale of real estate and decorating preparing for future guests.

The Tajarat properties is a company that helps real estate agents to better serve their clients by providing professionals who can help in everything related to the improvement of homes. A company that knows very well the importance of home staging in the sale of homes.

Although everyone knows what it is, few, surely, know where it came from and who was the thinking head of this concept. This is Barb Schwarz, a woman who saw what no one has done so far in the United States.

The goose that laid the golden eggs emerged and is now a businesswoman who is dedicated to giving training on Real Estate and conferences on Home Staging.

Barb, who had been working in the real estate industry for years, thought there must be a formula to sell faster and in a way that would even remove real estate agencies from the sales chain at a certain point.

Sale Secured with Home Staging Keys

Home Staging arose from the idea that, if when renting or selling a home, as potential clients, we see it as something attractive , as if it were our house at that time, the sale or rental will be made effective more effectively.

It is not about selling smoke, far from it, but rather about tidying up a place that, although it is going to be abandoned to choose a better one, for the next person it must be in perfect conditions of use and be attractive to the eye.

Most of the homes left are untidy, empty, or poorly cleaned . Properties need cleanliness and a good facade to be liked by future buyers. Customers realize when a room has been cared for and pampered so that it always looks pristine, and that is what stands out when selling.

In addition, it is enough with small tricks so that, even, the home is transformed and is the ideal environment to live, without having to make aesthetic modifications of any kind later.

Make a good impression on the buyer! The efforts invested in creating this scenery must be completed with professional and good quality photographs. If the budget is not enough to hire a professional photographer, there is always the option of calling an amateur who may not get the most out of our home but does have a remarkable final result.

In addition, it is more than interesting to have plans of the property and post them on the network along with the photographs: everything sells .

Currently the clients who request this type of service are varied: individuals, real estate agencies (in exchange for an exclusive one) and promoters for new construction pilot apartments. The results are magnificent and the changes do not leave anyone indifferent. You already know that a picture is worth a thousand words!

In the country there are still no studies that demonstrate the profitability of preparing homes for marketing with this technique, but in France there are.

Some reputable franchises showed that properties that had not been prepared with Home Staging took three times as long to sell and the negotiations were tougher. The conclusion was that it was profitable to make this investment because in the end the buyer negotiates less because he sees an attractive property in good condition. The real estate agency also wins because it manages to considerably reduce sales times.

Home Staging to Sell your House in less than 1 month. The Secret Potion.

The data does not lie. Studies carried out on home staging confirm that, from a valuation of 353 homes, more than 50% of them have increased the value with respect to the previous price, and the sale or rental has been carried out successfully.

It is a marketing technique that brings real results, and this is statistically supported by research:

Homes that apply Home Staging sell for more money, and faster too. This means that less effort and time is invested in the sale or rental of the home. On the other hand, by applying staging techniques, we will avoid that the price of the property is drastically reduced and less money is made from its sale.

Thanks to home staging, it is easier to visualize yourself , as we mentioned before, already living in that place, so potential buyers do not have to imagine it, they can see everything directly.

The idea is that the spaces are always furnished. If the house is empty, use cardboard furniture : mount scenographies with ephemeral material that give a spectacular result at low cost. When you work in furnished homes, leave what can be used and remove the rest, supporting the compositions with neutral and aesthetic decorative material.

In the event that the houses are inhabited, he advises the owners on how their house should be both at the time of receiving the visits and at the time of making the photographic report.

Those interested in putting their home for sale must be very clear that it is time to have the home prepared for marketing, therefore, personal belongings , photographs, junk should be removed … you have to start preparing the moving. The kitchen and the bathrooms have to be completely cleaned, the dishes washed, the towels clean and the soaps put away.

The beds made and covered with discreet bedspreads, the fitted wardrobes tidy and the living room collected. Do not neglect the smells : it is necessary to ventilate the rooms before the salesperson rings the bell. It is worth preparing a coffee maker that will connect the customer with the idea of ​​a warm home and it will also be cozy to place air fresheners in the bathrooms.

And with just a few actions we will achieve our goals. This is the key to the success of home staging, and if you know how to make the most of the house, you will win for sure.

For your real estate social responsibility strategy, I recommend you avoid issues of a religious nature, or issues that are a bit controversial politically such as gender violence, social inequality, social injustice, etc. We all feel in the mood to help with these issues, but a well-planned and meaningful strategy must be prepared.

The Home Staging keys that will make you succeed and sell at the moment.

Without being the magic formula for happiness, much less that of Coca-Cola, the keys to home staging to sell a home faster and at a better price can work miracles.

Next, we are going to explain what essential points you must focus on to apply this technique and achieve success.

1.- Repair the damage. This is the crux of the matter. A home without problems is a guaranteed sale. Nobody is interested in a home that has to carry the word reform with it intrinsically. A window that does not close properly, a plug that does not work … small actions that will improve the sale.

2.- Space and luminosity. The state of people improves if they live in a home that provides a feeling of spaciousness and contains a lot of natural light. Increase with infallible tricks this is essential for potential buyers.

3.- Highlight the strengths of the house. Surely there is something in the house that you are proud of, even if you are going to sell it. Well, boost it, get the most out of it and make it the focus of attention of everyone who visits the home.

4.- Get rid of all personal belongings. Eliminate everything that reminds the previous owner, the idea is to bet on a neutral decoration and depersonalize the property.

5.- Order and cleanliness. When entering a house, if you maintain a good organization and a certain level of cleanliness, you will make the rooms more attractive to finalize a future purchase or rental.

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What did you think of this article? Have you ever used home staging ? Leave us a comment. Your opinion interests us.


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