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“Content Managers or CMS for Real Estate Agencies”

Your website is not for you, it is for your clients.

Content managers or CMS are not new. Not so many years ago, the process of creating a relatively simple website could be quite complex and time consuming.

On the one hand, he needed to know various technologies, mainly HTML, JavaScript and CSS, for a static website. While a dynamic website required others such as ASP, JSP or PHP, to name some of the best known.

On the other hand, updating the content of the website also became an arduous task. Especially as the website grew, having more web pages, a more complex page structure or hierarchy.

Essential utilities, such as modifying existing content, searching and locating pages and, in general, managing both pages and images and resources on the server, required custom tools or developments, which increased the cost and complexity of the website.

In short, a general and easy-to-use tool was needed that would allow, first, the creation of a website without the need to continually resort to advanced technical resources. And secondly, its management, administration and maintenance over time within an integrated environment and without resorting to other external tools.

Content management systems or content managers, usually referred to by the acronym CMS (Content Management System) emerged to respond to this need.

The versatility and variety of technologies available to create real estate web pages is really surprising and leads the user to carry out a comparison task before launching to create their website with any Content manager or CMS.

The most common CMS have the advantages of having a great documentation and community, which will let you do almost anything.

Next, we show you the most used content managers or CMS:

Content Managers or CMS: WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages.

One of the advantages that not everyone knows is that WordPress is an open source content manager. This implies that all developers who propose it, can extend the core functionalities by implementing plugins.

This has increased its community to unsuspected limits, as well as the proliferation of companies that offer services based on its core.

In this way, its greatest advantage is that it has a catalog of extensions that no other CMS or content manager has.

The installation and implementation of WordPress is quite simple, and in a few minutes you can leave a web structure working for you. In addition, it has a direct theme installer, where just by uploading the compressed file of your template, you can enjoy an attractive page.

No programming knowledge is necessary to fully create your website, since it has very intuitive visual builders and the way to configure the extensions is relatively easy.

The improvement of the positioning on pages created with WordPress is notably greater compared to that of other content managers or CMS. Both its url structure and the extensions aimed at creating SEO meta descriptions and titles are easy to use. So having a basic SEO positioning from the beginning will be a very simple task.

Another advantage that WordPress has is the ability to perform migrations between servers quickly. Just by installing an extension to migrate the page, we can change it domain in a few minutes.

Of course, a CMS has to be compatible with https almost indispensable, and WordPress could not be less.

Regarding the loading speed and optimization, this CMS has the problem that it uses many plugins to function normally, so we recommend these tips to improve the loading time of your page in WordPress and achieve good SEO metrics.

An example of sectors that decide to use WordPress as an alternative to a custom development is the Real Estate sector. If you have a real estate website or would like to have an online presence, you can see a series of tools for real estate here. It can be a way of saving the costs that a custom portal of this size would entail.

Content Managers or CMS: Drupal Advantages and Disadvantages.

Drupal has been in the market for much longer than WordPress, and although it does not have as much market share now, it has some advantages that should be highlighted such as:

Customizable content views. With Drupal we can generate summary views of the type of content we want, and with the filters we need. The views module will help us to show relevant information like no other CMS can do.

Advanced user role controls. Drupal is equipped by default with a complete user permission system in which we can filter access to content and the use of each of the modules that make it up.

Multiple taxonomies. The way in which Drupal categorizes and structures the types of content is very powerful, both internally to make use of its search engine, and at the level of views to show the content to visitors.

As against, Drupal has a much more complicated learning curve than WordPress. It is a system aimed at users with a medium or high level in computer science applied to web design.

Content Managers or CMS: Other CMS and builders.

Creating a website involves various technologies, both for the generation of HTML pages, and for the storage and access of resources used by them (such as images or documents for downloads).

A content manager allows the creation of a website without the need to know any of these technologies or, at most, basic knowledge related to editing web pages. Mainly, those related to text formatting (bold, italic, links, etc.).

These are some of the most used content managers or CMS:

  • Content Manager or CMS- The leading solution for online stores, of course it is the most professional option to boost your store, both in terms of SEO and order management.

You will have a cutting-edge interface to manage inventories, product variations, nested categories, advanced cache and multiple configuration options that will allow you to do things such as multi-stores, and add-ons to your marketplace to integrate with Amazon, Google Shopping and a myriad of utilities more.

Whether you start with an online store or if you already have a business running, we recommend a complete tutorial so that you can know and make use of its full potential.

  • Content Manager or CMS – It is a low cost solution to create from corporate pages to online stores. Despite being a well-known CMS, it is focused on users with little knowledge and its functionalities do not go much beyond integrations of lead capture forms with Mailchimp.

Its great advantage is that it offers free plans that include hosting and a domain, which is why they have had a great diffusion among the community.

  • Content Manager or CMS – Beyond being a domain registration agent and hosting provider, Godaddy also has a fairly complete website builder if we compare it with Wix for example. It is an easy-to-use builder with plenty of customization options.

The builder, as in the case of many other hosting providers, has the advantage of having everything centralized in the same panel; email accounts, domains, hosting, security certificates, etc.

  • Content Manager or CMS – Shopify. It is one more solution for online stores. Its competitive advantage is that it offers very attractive plans to create your online store with hosting and domain included, and if you want to extend the functionalities, they are added to the monthly subscription.

Its pages have a good technical SEO in terms of response times and page load, but against their costs they lead many users to consider other options.

If you want more information make sure you know the reviews before making any purchase on this page. It is advisable to spend a few minutes comparing and evaluating the different options before deciding on a website builder software.

Did you find this article interesting or informative? What content manager or CMS do you use in your real estate business? Leave a comment. Your opinion interests us. Thanks.

In this era, the digital presence becomes a key factor for the success of any real estate agency, since the web produces more than 80% of contact requests (through portals, websites, social networks, etc.). Therefore, it is important that an agency’s strategy revolves around quality online visibility.

Analyzing most of the online offers, we can see that real estate portals are the main source of contacts, and they are becoming more and more popular.

So how do you make your property stand out in a dense list of similar results in terms of location, size, and price?

“Today, the image and professionalism of a real estate agency blue world city islamabad is highly influenced by the quality of the advertisements published. Through these ads, the photos of the properties that we publish online are the most important aspect to consider, because it is the first thing that people will see! ”, Maurizio explains.

Being a true digital showcase, advertising is the main means of communication between agencies and potential clients. A study published by the American Wall Street Journal even states that 95% of Internet users spend 20 seconds on the first photo of an advertisement and that, on average, 60% of the total time viewing an advertisement is dedicated exclusively to the Photos. These numbers show that producing high-quality images is an essential investment.

” Since we have used Nodal view to professionally take photos of our properties, we have seen a 20-50% increase in traffic to our ads, which is huge!”

To understand it even better, there is a concrete example of the increase in brands of interest:

“We went back to one of our properties that had been on the market for 3 weeks, and for which we had only been contacted 7 times, to take the photo report with Nodal view again. We did a full photo shoot in 30 minutes thanks to Nodal view and replaced the old ad the same afternoon. In one week, we received 8 requests for visits and we sold the apartment on the seventh day ”.

“For years, all the big agencies have grown up using professional photographers and have understood that photography is essential for differentiation!”

What are the strengths of Nodalview?:

  • Its ability to measure the brightness level in real time. This allows it to adjust during shooting and then recompose a perfectly exposed image thanks to its Artificial Intelligence. This automatic redial saves hours of time for complicated changes and allows you to show every detail of each property.
  • Its wide-angle smartphone lens has also been carefully developed to meet customer expectations, giving access to professional quality, without deformation.
  • The motor: which saves a maximum of time, and gives a very professional effect in front of any owner.
  • The professionalized accompaniment of the Nodalview team, provides webinar, chats and immediate attention.
  • The ease of the tool : intuitive interface, you can add geolocation of your properties, business card, etc.
  • Without a doubt: the professional quality of the visual content.

This is how the Nodalview HDR photo module works

“The advantage is that it does not produce misleading photos,” Maurizio continues, “ unlike some cameras that distort photos too much with their ultra-wide angle lenses or too elaborate photos, our customers tell us that our images display well. reality and spaces: this detail is highly appreciated “.

In the end, Maurizio agrees that Nodalview is a powerful tool for finding new acquisitions.

“When we take on a task, we focus on the professional quality of our photos used in our ads, not to mention the 360 ° and videos that can be made – a huge competitive advantage!”

Like 98.7% of the agencies that work with them, Maurizio uses the quality of his photos to win over homeowners when acquiring new properties, and he has consistently received compliments for his photos when posting the listing.

In this era, the digital presence becomes a key factor for the success of any real estate agency, since the web produces more than 80% of contact requests (through portals, websites, social networks, etc.). Therefore, it is important that an agency’s strategy revolves around quality online visibility.

Analyzing most of the online offers, we can see that real estate portals like Tajarat properties are only the main source of contacts, and they are becoming more and more popular.

We would appreciate a comment on this article. Do you think the new Nodal View real estate photography will bring professionalism to this sector? Your opinion interests us. Thanks.


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