Selling something means convincing a person that something is important. Therefore, in addition to taking care of the quality of the products, it is necessary to know persuasion techniques appropriate to the sales process.

This concern is also interesting for those working in the real estate market. This is because, due to the great value of the negotiated object, in some cases, it becomes complicated to convince a person to buy a property.

With this article, you will learn some persuasion techniques and start selling more and better.

Prepared? So, good reading!

Persuasion technique is not magic

First of all, it is important to emphasize that when we talk about techniques to persuade the client it is not supernatural. Many articles distort psychological concepts and imply that convincing someone to buy means using certain weaknesses of the customer, such as insecurity, to gain an advantage. This is not to persuade, but to be dishonest!

The 7 persuasion techniques that will be shown throughout this article are based on the professional improvement of the broker. Let’s go to the first one?

Study the real estate market

Would you consult with a doctor who is unaware of a treatment that has been used for months? Would you trust an architect who does not know the names of the main architectural firms in the city?

Well, it is the professional’s obligation to know the basics of the market in which he works. Regarding the realtor, it is important to follow the news from the real estate market, as they also directly impact work.

Imagine that a broker is talking to a client and tells him that the neighborhood where they are located is one of the safest in the city, while a survey recently published said the opposite. Ignorance will cause the broker to lose credibility and have difficulties during trading.

Learn to listen

To communicate better is to learn to listen. So let the customer say what they need and what they expect from a property. It is in the information he offers that there are opportunities to make the sale.

It is common for brokers to be talking about the property, describing it in detail, when the client, right away, has already shown disinterest. In that case, their time is being wasted. It would be best to take advantage of the information and offer a second option to the interested party.

Put yourself like a professional

A realtor is a professional who has studied the market, so your opinion must be respected. For this reason, one of the most interesting persuasion techniques is, in a subtle way, showing the client that you have mastered the subject.

Give interesting information about the property, show that it has a valuation perspective etc. Be a source of information for the buyer. Thus, you gain his trust and overcome the initial resistance of the negotiation.

The client tends to see the broker as a person willing to do anything to achieve a sales goal, this creates insecurity. Therefore, show that that visit was designed to meet his wishes first.

Have a firm stance

It is not only the salesperson who tries to persuade the customer, but the opposite is also true. The investor will try to bargain an offer, often threatening to abandon trading.

In some cases, the broker has a negotiation margin, pre-stipulated with the owners or the broker, but it is not always possible to negotiate the price.

Therefore, it is better to make it clear when the discount request can be fulfilled and when it is unreachable. In such cases, direct the conversation to another property.

If the customer is really interested, the chances are high that he will buy the property even at the initial price.

Use the term to your advantage

Undefined deadlines make the buyer understand that the property will always be available. Worse than that, it makes him believe that he must wait to buy, believing a drop in prices.

For this reason, the tip is to use a sense of urgency and get the customer to take a stand. Explain that there are other people interested and willing to pay the stipulated price.

The same thought holds true throughout the negotiation. Comply with the pre-established deadlines with the prospective buyer and subtly demand the same commitment from him. If the customer is to give you an answer in the morning, call at the agreed time. This will make it prioritize the transaction.

Don’t give the answer

Instead of filling the property with adjectives, encourage the visitor to notice them. In this way, it will give value to characteristics that, if reported by someone else, could not be valued.

The same goes for financial matters. Inform them about the payment terms and compare them to other less advantageous deals, so that the visitor concludes that he is facing a unique offer.

Understand customer resistance

At a given moment, it is better to understand and respect resistances than to continue to expend energy to overcome them. One of the most effective persuasion techniques is to recognize the defeat of a battle so as not to lose the war – and the sale.

If the client has made it clear that no information provided so far has made him like the property, it is best not to insist. Thus, you do not gain the dislike of the prospective buyer.

Seek a friendly conversation and try to understand what he did not approve of. So, you can offer a property that piques his interest.

Be attentive in the after-sales

One of the main channels of disclosure for a broker is the recommendation of a former client. So, guide the buyer appropriately, serving him, if necessary, after the sale.

This kind of attention is important to close a deal with a flourish. When a professional is indicated by a person trusted by the client, the whole negotiation of a property becomes simpler.

As we saw in this article, the main way to convince a customer at the time of sale is to prepare for the negotiation. So, the way is always to dedicate time and effort in professional improvement.

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