The façades of houses are more than the entrance of the buildings: they are the ones that offer the visitor a first impression about the place. Therefore, it is always interesting that the look of the forehead reflects the personality of the resident, in addition to transmitting a certain receptivity.

Achieving these goals, however, is not always easy. It is necessary to analyze a series of elements for the composition of a facade, so that it remains always attractive. To help you with this task, we have listed 5 tips for house façades. Follow us!

1. Invest in different materials

Mixing materials on the facade is a great alternative for an exclusive and charming look. The result is also usually modern and sophisticated like capital smart city , highlighting the property among the others.

To make a good mix, it is interesting to use stones and wood together. Or, who knows, slate and ceramics, or concrete and glass. Another very beautiful mixture is steel with wood or glass.

When choosing materials, pay attention to your objective. Glass tends to create a more luxurious appearance, while wood is “hotter” and steel is “harder” and “cooler” in appearance. Anyway, it is a great advantage to choose several “ingredients” for the decoration. Thus, the consumer tends to create something that directly matches his personality.

Remember, however, not to mix very opposite materials. Wood, for example, is not suitable for very humid environments, while slate may be. Combining the two products can cause the wood to wear out over time, impairing the facade’s appearance.

2. “Play” with the lighting

Lighting is a great way to highlight materials or different points on the facades of houses. The secret is to highlight the most elaborate details of the decoration, valuing the best of the facade.

Consider, however, that there are several ways to work the lighting of a property. With beacon luminaires, for example, the facade gains a smoother and more discreet look. The lighting in every corner, on the other hand, ensures complete visual highlight.

The colors of the lamps should also be chosen carefully. Ideally, the tone of the light should match the colors of the facade. This means joining a green lamp to a facade of blue tones, but never orange, for example. When in doubt, white light matches any landscape.

3. Set up a garden

Inserting a little green on the front of the property is a great option. In addition to being beautiful, gardens create a feeling of well-being and proximity to nature. The air quality around the property also improves a lot, as the plants renew it.

There are several ways to adopt a garden on the facade. The most common is to insert a beautiful lawn, with a path of stones and some flowers or trees of medium size.

If you prefer, however, you can also invest in a vertical garden, using climbing plants or that grow on branches. Green walls further enhance the feeling of integration of the property with the environment.

4. Choose colors well

When it comes to defining the color of the facade, it is necessary to consider more than your preference for tones. It is essential to combine the look of the front with what is around it, and the interior of the house. Otherwise, the contrast may cause some astonishment to visitors.

Considering that the façade is the presentation of the property, it is equally important to pay attention to the choice of tone. So, before painting the entire space, make a test in an area of ​​1m X 1m. Thus, you will be more sure that the intensity and color of the painting are the desired ones.

In addition, it is recommended that the paintings be touched up more or less every five years. Thus, the natural discoloration of the paint will not impair the look of the property for so long. For this reason, in fact, it is interesting to avoid very intense colors, as their discoloration is usually more noticeable.

5. Use metal gratings

More than providing security, metal railings can make a total difference in the decoration of house facades. To do this, simply choose pieces that match the rest of the space look. For a more delicate house, for example, it is recommended to insert thinner bars. In a more rustic or even modern environment, thicker railings may be the solution.

In any case, consider inserting the grids both vertically and horizontally. The horizontally cast bars allow for great visibility of the house, in addition to having a touch of modernity. The vertical pieces, on the other hand, are more classic, and can be used as a gate.

What are you waiting for to invest in your facade? We are sure that, with these house façade tips, the result of your decoration will be much more attractive!